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Yup. I’ve joined the culotte bandwagon. Culottes aren’t just for modesty. They’re for being flirty and fun and whimsical.

Look at this pair from Nordstrom, though they advertise these as “gathered shorts”. It’s only in the detailed description that they pull out the word “culottes”. They’re not the culottes people think of, are they? I think they’re fresh and modern and super chic.

I know there’s a really cute new pattern out by Megan Nielsen and I could’ve bought it to make my culottes but I got it in my head that I could just draft some culottes.

Hanging with Heather for a couple of days solidified my need for culottes and now that I’ve made a pair I’m so happy I did. I even have lofty plans of playing with this skirt…err… culotte pattern and making a dress/romper.

After searching the webs for something resembling drafting instructions, I fell on the awesome Petit Main Sauvage and her culotte tutorial. I’ve drafted a circle skirt before but I figured I could just start with the Tiramisu pattern skirt and draft the crotch and front pleat from there. I measured my Hummingbird skirt at 18″ since I like that length and made the skirt 19″ so I could hem it. since the skirt pattern I started with already had seam allowances, I didn’t have to add any. I think the reason why my culottes look longer than 18″ is because I forgot that the Tira skirt sits lower due to the midriff section. The skirt sits 3″ below my (high) natural waist and I like it.

And yeah, it worked! Here’s the draft in progress. I pulled out a couple other books cos I couldn’t just draft one thing at a time. I already started playing with my next project.


I cut out pockets but left them off because I did a side zipper and I don’t know how to  hide a zipper in a pocket yet.

I felt the need for some red booties and the Hubbinator suggested the sporty t-shirt with the floral. Yes, I did go to DePaul University- I started a Master’s in Education but quit when I got pregnant with my 1st kid. I couldn’t stand the morning sickness.

front culottes

What’s so funny, you ask? The Hubbinator.

culottes side front

I’m already full of goofy energy and then he gets involved and there’s pictures like this one of me trying to show you I’m wearing shorts.

culottes Vogue pose

Finger guns cos that’s what people do when wearing skirt short culottes.

side back culottes finger guns

Side zipper cos of the front and back pleats. I know I could’ve easily drafted a waistband but I grabbed the Hummingbird band cos it was there and quick and done. I added a hook and eye to keep the band snug.

side culottes

And more pictures cos I love my culottes.

culottes hair

See, shorts! I can do this!

culottes in grass2

But since I switched out of the red booties and into my flat yellow sandals and pulled back my hair, I thought you should see how I’ll wear my culottes more often. It got pretty windy but no fly ups on account of the Tira skirt being a half circle skirt- a full circle would give everyone a shot of my me-made undies.

culottes actual

You ready to make culottes? Should we stop calling them culottes and call them shorts? Or just own the word and all the elastic waistband assumptions that go along with the term? Do you ever find that you steer clear of a type of garment because of your earlier memories of similar garments from your childhood/teenage life? I fear anything anyone calls “boxy”. Oh, that sends me somewhere dark and lonely. What about you?