Playing Cupid for Fabric and Patterns

I know a lot of single pieces of fabric in my closet. They’re shy. They don’t know how to approach a pattern, let alone drafting paper. Most of their lives they spend it in some warehouse hoping for someone to notice them. They resort to whispering back and forth and passing notes in class.

I have to intervene every time, putting fabric next to pattern to see if they get along. Do I have enough yardage? Is it the right print for the cut? Will I have to do a ton of pattern/stripe matching? I’m also learning to think about the kind of knit I want to use, too. Does the pattern require the knit to have great recovery? In which case I’d want a knit with spandex, for instance. Does the pattern need more or less drape either in a woven or a knit? Is there anything in my wardrobe that will go with the garment I’m planning on making? Do I need to go save more fabric from another warehouse and bring it into the comfort of my home.

Being Fabric Cupid is a tough job. It’s not always easy but I tell ya when the mood strikes in me I have to follow it.

1. Cabarita in a lace print knit. Not the kind of mesh/lace that I was thinking of before but I’d probably wear a lace motif printed on a knit more than what I was originally thinking. This will be a quickie since I’ve made it before and I’ve already picked my size. I will need to get another black knit for the collar, back neck and arm bands because what I got from Hart’s Fabric is really thin. I was probably not looking close enough. Anyway, I’ll play with the back of the pattern and see what I can line up and how. It should be fun.

Cabarita lace knit pairing

2. Shirtdress Fever! This is a silk jersey I bought in town. It’s the sister color to the one I used for a Tiramisu dress. I’ve learned a lot from using this fabric before and I won’t hem my next dress until it’s hung for like a week! I had to really fix my hem when I was doing the Tira alterations the other day. Also, I soaked my red silk jersey in warm water…and it bled. I’m fine with how it looks but I’m going to soak this yardage in cold water. Cold.

silk jersey shirtdress pairing

3. Swiss dot voile. It’s a dark picture of this swiss dot but that’s really how dark it is. I didn’t want to lighten the picture too much and distort the color. I’m thinking of the shirtdress with the fuller skirt but also the 3/4 sleeves and sleeve bands. I should be thinking about summer and being outdoors but Me-Made-May showed me that I have very little in the way of “it’s summer but I’m indoors and the AC is on and I’m still freezing” and Spring wear, so sleeves.

M6696 and swiss dot

4. My cherry cotton jersey. I need help with this still. I’ll either make another Tiramisu- a TNT pattern- or I’ll try McCalls 6519. I’ve added a close-up of the pattern line drawing cos it’s so hard to tell what’s going on with the print they chose for the envelope cover. I’m leaning toward the Tiramisu dress but then do I try and add a red midriff and bindings? Also, the jersey is a little see-through as you might be able to tell from the picture. I’ll probably be fine with nude undergarments….right?

M6519 or Tira cherry match

So, cupids, where should I shoot my arrow with the cherry knit?

26 thoughts on “Playing Cupid for Fabric and Patterns

  1. Heather Bee (@KnitNBee) says:

    Have I told you lately that I love you….you adorable dork. Seems you could get a full time job doing this fabric cupid thing cause I like your plans. The cherry jersey would work for both dress patterns, maybe flip a coin?

  2. PendleStitches says:

    Cherry Tira with red trimmings….tooooooooo cute. And what is it with shirtdresses…I’m itching to make one…or maybe two…or three.
    Have you seen the new Colette pattern?

  3. Lisa Hansen says:

    The cherry fabric ‘might’ want to be your dress, OR ot might be telling you to mail it to ME. Because I love it. And I want to make Mari’s avocado hoodie out of it. It would be a perfect fancy long sleeve top for coastal California’s June gloom. Or tiramisu because fewer gathers to hide the cherries. With a green waist with a red ribbon tie (even if it’s just decorative)

  4. Brooke says:

    I’ll cast another vote for the cherry tiramisu! But I wouldn’t do a different fabric for the midriff – go cherry all-over! An all-over print will be easier to accessorize and you could even wear a belt if you wanted. If you feel the need for separation between the pieces, add some small trim or piping in the seams.

    You might want a slip for the skirt with it being so thin, but I’m sure the nude undies will work just fine like it does for a regular white t-shirt.

    I like all your fabrics!

  5. sewexhausted says:

    I love that cherry knit… and I am sure it will look great no matter which direction you go. Even more I love that you play cupid with your fabric and patterns… I am off to get myself a bow and arrow! ~Laurie

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