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You read that right. I made a hummingbird skirt out of comic book fabric. It is quilting cotton so it going to behave like quilting cotton. It’s not my favorite for garments but sometimes you just have to do it. Tempest Devyne alerted me to it. You can still get it at some JoAnn stores.

It’s Cake’s Hummingbird skirt. I have my size already figured out so besides forgetting that I was piping, and having to rip out stitches so I could actually pipe this thing, it took no time at all.

I made sure to serge all my raw edges before stitching so that, if need be, I can easily alter the skirt later. I flat lined all of the skirt pieces except for the ones that have the pockets. To flat line, I just cut the pieces I needed out of lining fabric and attached them to the piece they corresponded to and then treated that piece as if it were one. I do recommend lining or under or flat lining quilting cotton. It’ll feel nicer and crumple less. But, honestly, just make it. You gotta keep on sewing and you should sew what you love.

So, here you go. Me, being a goof. And, Gillian, of course I have a cape lying around.

caped crusader has a cape caped crusader trying to fly caped crusader comic book hummingbird back comic book hummingbird closeup comic book hummingbird

What’s your opinion on sewing with quilting cotton? Any comic book fans reading? What about a doctor? Is there a doctor in the house? 🙂