Sugar-free Cherry Tiramisu

Cake’s Tiramisu dress is not new to me or to most of you but I did make some changes to my pattern before I cut out this awesome cherry knit from Nature’s Fabrics. As of this posting, they’re sold out but they do have the same cherry print on a rib- which is not the jersey you see in the pics.

Cutting and Alterations:

  • I cut the 35D for the front and back tho I think I could use a very small short waist tuck in the back on the midriff but it’s so minimal I’m not fixing it right now.
  • Forward shoulder of 1/2″, tapered it from the new spot to the original shoulder/sleeve after about 2″.
  • Cut the midriff 32″ size and then did a curve to accentuate my waist.
  • No pockets, No FBA, serged hem.

Cherry Tira steps front  Cherry tiramisu back 2 Cherry tiramisu one footcherry Tiramisu back 1Cherry Tiramisu sideCherry tiramisu front

cherry Tiramisu front steps  

I’m loving this dress! I’m sure you can’t tell by all the photos. And since I was thinking of cherry tiramisu, I found a pic of this yummy treat with a recipe for all of you who can enjoy sweets.

This is my 5th Tiramisu make if you count my Peplum Puppy but I’m not counting my Tiramisu skirt hack, aka the Tira culottes. I’m loving this pattern all over again. It goes together so easily. I still did the mid fit check and hung it over two night to let the skirt drop which it really didn’t that much. We’ll see how it hangs over time.

Anyone want some of this cherry tiramisu cake?

35 thoughts on “Sugar-free Cherry Tiramisu

    • Leila says:

      thanks! I actually finished this over the weekend but didn’t get pics until today. Sometimes I bunch picture taking after all the sewing.

    • Leila says:

      I highly recommend this pattern, especially if you’re new to knits. There’s a ton of “sewing with knits” info on the sewingcake site if you’re curious. I’ve learned a lot from it. Oh and from Sewaholic.

    • Leila says:

      thanks! Oh, the hair…that’s after “curling” it. My hair is so heavy and I’m not patient enough so it just lost the curl in two seconds.

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Love your new cherry Tira! The tweaks you did to the midriff are wonderful. It hugs your curves so perfectly. I just made up my first and I am impressed. Impressed! I’ve never had such success with a dress pattern straight out of the envelope before. And I’m making up that recipe with the cherries from my trees this week!

    • Leila says:

      That’s exactly how I felt with the pattern when I made my first Tira. It’s amazing. I’m so glad it worked so well for you out of the envelope! I do love your Tira, too. 🙂

      You have a cherry tree? Oh, I’m jealous! I’ll check your blog for pics of your cherry Tiramisu. It just sounded too good.

  2. Clipped Curves says:

    It turned out brilliantly… I have to say I was a tad worried when I assertively said cherry fabric with tirimasu because they’re both food – I didn’t want to be responsible for a bum pairing!

  3. Theresa in Mérida says:

    You look gorgeous! wow no FBA! What a dream come true. I have to say that you will have to be careful and not wear that outfit around heavy equipment because you WILL cause industrial Sucn a tiny waist!
    BTW, I finally made my culottes yesterday, I love, love. love them. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. StephC says:

    I love love love this, Leila. Beautiful job… 🙂 Def one of my favorite Tiras, and now I kinda want to go make an actual food Tiramisu and put some cherries in it. Sounds like it’d be completely yumm.. Re-make-ability 4eva!

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