My rock show outfit



I walk under the L and I have to get pics. We’re going out to a rock show so what better outfit than my lace print Cabarita, Hummingbird skirt and my new satin twill McCalls 6519 jacket. I can’t get over my live of this outfit. It’s basics with a subtle twist.

Or so I seem to think. The knit top is an easy to sew lace print and the jacket, with it’s satin finish, has a little shine without being over the top.

Oh, and my #bitchyrestingface, yo! Lol

9 thoughts on “My rock show outfit

  1. Brooke says:

    I love the outfit! It’s the great little details that make basics so fun. And the little bit of bright color on the shoes is perfect! =)

  2. CGCouture says:

    Love this!! And I feel ya on the bitchyrestingface thing, I totally have that too. 😦 So who are you going to see? Whoever it is, I hope ya’ll have a great time!!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Yes, this is rock gal out on the town- you look like you should have a little recorder and pad to pop backstage for interviewing and sardonic reviews.

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