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This is where I’d rather be. Sadly, I’m pretty landlocked. I know that Lake Michigan is north from me about 4 hours but it’s cold most of the time. The picture above is from Cartagena, Colombia. I’m from Cali, a large city in the valley, but I’ve been to Cartagena and it’s awesome.

The few times I’ve made shirts/buttondowns I’ve gone for lightweight fabrics, mostly for the drape. The Archer has no waist or bust shaping so the drape helps me from tentitis- the affliction one with large bewbs encounters when wearing a shirt that isn’t totally fitted. You basically look like a tent. But with a drapey fabric I think it works.

I didn’t know I needed a forward shoulder alteration when I muslined this shirt though now I can clearly see I need it. I do love the shirt despite my lack of fitting knowledge. It’s a great shirt and between the instructions and the sewalong I was in good hands. Go check out the pattern. I promise you you’ll learn a lot and I think this would make a great TNT pattern. I know I’m on the lookout for more fabric for another Archer.

Archer three quarters Archer back Archer front2 Archer sleeve close upArcher spinning  close up buttons Archer

Some of the blurry pics are actually me sorta spinning. Mild spinning. This gauze shirt has been perfect for today’s summer heat. It feels breezy even though it’s warm out and I’m not freezing when I go into air conditioning.

For the next Archer I make I will do a narrow shoulder alteration because the sleeves were too long and the shoulders are a little too far over my shoulder even for a relaxed fit. I think if I juts take in the shoulder I’ll have better fitting sleeves…well, and shoulders.

I got the gauze from Michael Levine fabrics and the buttons from Joann. They’re light blue but pretty see thru which I thought would work with my subtle beach theme.