It’s the Sewcial Bee!

You might have seen The Great British Sewing Bee or heard of the online version of the show called the Super Online Sewing Bee… or at least you know about Project Runway, right? Ok. So you get the idea.

People sewing with a challenge or focus in a concentrated time frame. 

In the versions I mentioned above there are winners and losers and tears and prizes and candid footage and sometimes a LOT of drama. Some of us on Twitter started talking, as we tend to do, and all the talking developed into a smaller, low key version of what these other sewing challenges have done. The group of us on Twitter wanted a challenge and the concentrated time frame but none of the drama and no kicking anyone off.

After some quick organizing with Gillian, and roping in her sister Annie into put together our first SewcialBee challenge, we were ready to go! Since Annie was asked to come up with our first challenge she put it up on her blog for all of us to see. She posted the challenge at 3pm Eastern in the U.S. on Sunday and we were given 24 hours to complete a 4 hour project. Yeah, that meant Sunday into Monday. The first challenge was meant as an experiment to see how it would go. We didn’t try to reach out to include a ton of people. However, now that we’ve done one challenge and we’re rethinking stuff we’re opening it up to anyone interested.

Check out the first challenge link to read the ground rules.

What was the challenge? I’ll just tell you in case you don’t have time to visit Annie’s blog right now. She asked us to make a top that would go with a triangle scarf or shawl we own. 

I chose a green triangle scarf I knit years ago and hardly ever wear because I just don’t have a top that goes with it. The challenge was perfect for me! I ended up making the Pavlova Wrap top in a navy blue rayon knit I picked up in Chicago at Vogue last winter. My gran plan was to make the Pavlova wrap top out of it and make a skirt and jacket for my femme Doctor Who costume. The 10th, of course. I don’t have to go on about how he’s my favorite, right?

Back to the top! I cut a size 35 front and back and made the 3/4 sleeves (the longer of the two) which I loooove! I did mess up when I was tracing the 35 (I used the size 40 last time I stitched this up). There’s a front part that you’re supposed to fold down on a fold line marked on the pattern. Silly me, I cut at the fold line! Gah! What I ended up doing was serging the front and now the serged edge curls under naturally so it’s not noticeable…I hope. ETA: I also cut the smallest tie. I did that when I made my first Pav wrap because I didn’t have enough fabric but then the ties stretched enough to go around my waist so I was happy.

I saw on flickr someone had use a metal ring to tie their Pav top in a really chic way so I went for it…but without a tank underneath. It’s warm here, what can I say! Warm weather makes me do all kinds of things!

Yeah, I know, I’m wearing a scarf and baring my midriff. Crazy pants! At least the scarf is made of like a cotton/linen or something. It’s been that long. It’s not a super warm scarf.

Check out the quickie pic I submitted to the Sewcial Bee flickr group as well as the other entries! I had such a blast and I’m looking forward to the August challenge. Drop a line if you’d like to participate. Remember, no rewards, punishments, drama…no winners or losers. This is just for fun!

I don’t know a ton of details about the August challenge so keep your eyes peeled and your stash plentiful if you think this is your thing. I’ll make sure to say something here.

Since it was suggested we sew something in a 4 hour time frame, I’ll turn it over to you: What would you sew with that amount of time?

13 thoughts on “It’s the Sewcial Bee!

  1. Annie Bee says:

    Meeee-ow! That top is smokin’ with the ring. Love it! And this was SO much fun, I can’t wait to see what you all get up to next!

    • Leila says:

      Thanks Annie! I feel a bit out of character but it’s fun to do that every once in a while. 🙂 I like that it’s the same Pavlova top but y’know, with “meeeow!”

  2. geebeew says:

    I”m so impressed that we all came out of the Sewcial Bee with such wearable garments! It was so cool to see how differently everyone’s makes were. Your Pavlova is going to be perfect for fall!

  3. Chuleenan says:

    Love the color of your top! Sound like a fun challenge! In a four-hour time frame – I think I would make a skirt or a top – something with only a couple pieces. ;o)

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