As I near my 36th birthday, and feel inside and out how much I’ve aged since I first took a step into my 30’s, I’ve become super aware of who I am and who I’m not; what I can do and what I can’t. Not in a “I’m not good at math” way but in a realistic “everyone has their talents” way.

I will never be tall.

I don’t swear unless I’m really sick. (Lately I’ve been swearing a lot.)

But really, my head keeps looping around to the fact that I will never be in my 20s again. This brings me to some trash internet reading I’ve been doing. Why you ask? I couldn’t help myself.

I’m not linking to the posts I’ve read that I’m referring to because I’m not going to propagate their garbage. These people argue that once you hit a certain age, in one case, 35, you should no longer be allowed to wear certain trends/looks/cuts, etc. Crop tops was one of them…and I just made a Pavlova wrap top that I showed you as a midriff baring top. I love it. And I know some of you thought it worked, too.

The list went on and the body bashing continued with recommendations that the reader go to the mirror and take a good look at themselves before trying to wear something meant for a younger age bracket.

Ok. So, for those of us who sew….

We can make whatever we want. Nobody is going to know and few are gonna say anything about it. Most people are too polite to raise even a friendly flag and say, hey your underwear is showing, so why would they tell you if they actually think you look a little off? It’s not gonna happen. Mostly, we can work in our bubbles and we can get someone to say something nice and that’s all that matters!

Who cares if I don’t like your style or your dress length preference? Who the hell cares? Ignore the trolls! Ignore the trolls! Ignore the trolls!

As I was writing this, I got a wonderful box in the mail. It was fabric! But not just any fabric. It’s fabric Gillian sent me. It was perfectly timed. All of a sudden, I just can’t care about what some random blogger or two or three or whatever think about what a woman my age can or can’t wear.

Gillian sent me one piece of fabric for my Inara Training House costume and the other piece is a double gauze! I can’t wait to play with those two fabrics.

And just like that, I’m feeling better. Thanks G!

What gets you out of a funk?