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Back in January/February I made a Victorian ballgown for the Steampunk Masquerade Ball and although I hadn’t finished the corset, I strapped in and wore it to the ball. I was exhausted from health stuff but I went and I had fun meeting and talking to people and dancing. Here’s the costume (tho you can’t see the corset cos it’s underneath the costume)


Then, last week I decided I would finish the corset and bind it. I still want to add flossing but I’m taking it easy for now. Here are some pics of the corset in different stages of completion.

LM Silverado corset construction

I used the Laughing Moon Silverado corset (this is the site I get all my corsetmaking materials from) and followed Truly Victorian’s suggestions on how to choose a size. I highly recommend both LM and TV. Incredible patterns. The bodice from the pic above is this Truly Victorian pattern. The bustle I’m wearing under my skirt is TV101– yup, also Truly Victorian. I’m planning on making another bodice for next winter’s ball so I’ll talk about it after I make it.

More pics of the finished corset. The corset was made of a navy blue silk dupioni, underlined with a black coutil. I will never make a corset out of anything but coutil. It’s such a great fabric. I used spiral steel boning which is also my favorite.

LM Silverado corset finished

Once I had my corset bound I felt comfortable wearing it on the outside of my clothes. For this photo shoot I wore the same clothes I wore to the musical I went to last weekend called Zirkus Grimm. The show inspired my wearing a corset and all.

LM corset  frontLM corset sideLM corset back with jacketLM corset back 2   

LM corset closeup back

LM corset side frontLM corset forward lunge LM corset front no jacket  LM corset side no jacket LM corset close up final

Why am I straight faced in all these pics? I have no clue! Let’s call it intense? Or BRF? Whatever. It works. haha!

I should also mention that the cropped jacket is from Burda magazine 12-2012. Here’s the line drawing. It’s not on the BurdaStyle site right now, in case you were curious. You can see that I didn’t add the peplum. I had every intention but kept putting it off until I decided to wear it with this outfit. The fabric is poplin with a border of an eyelet. I have more yardage in a deep purple.

What kind of corset should I make next? I could use a new corset for Ren Faire…

One more thing: SHINY PANTS!!