The Big 4 get a lot of criticism when their new patterns come out…as do other bigger pattern companies like Burda, for instance. While I’m not saying I love how these 4 companies do everything nor do I have their back on all their pattern choices, I do want to point out patterns from the recent Vogue release that caught my eye.

This first garment is weird but I like it. It does make me think of sci fi costumes so maybe that’s why I tolerate it more than others. I don’t see myself wearing it as a daily garment but I doubt that was the intention. I’d made this for cosplaying if I found the right thing. Any thoughts?


I tested a garment (not blogged yet) that has ruffles at the bust and I chose that view in particular to push my thinking. See, I’ve been told that women with large bewbs should steer clear of any amount of ruffling because it’ll make us look bigger. Pshaw! But it’s really only after testing the garment I’m teasing you with that I’m even considering any ruffling. I’m not crazy about this fabric Vogue chose to use for the sample but I might try it some day, ruffles and all. Again, my costumey mind likes it a lot.


It must be the costumes I’ve been making lately that have me in a more dramatic vein of sewing because I love this dress. Yeah, it’s simple. I can see myself liking the sheer sleeves and the satin hem band. So cool. But why am I always attracted to dresses with underbust gathers?? I don’t know why but I have yet to conquer underbust gathers!! Something is wrong with me. I know I’d need to use a lightweight knit- lucky me we’re talking about that on Fabric Chat today on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll get some tips cos I really do like lightweight and sheer everything.

I did see the men’s coat and while I’d love to say I have to have that pattern and make it for the hubbinator, the likelihood is slim. I have yet to make him a buttondown, let alone a coat! I did see a blazer that I want to make the dude but, y’know, I wanna sew for me right now!

That’s it! Out of all those patterns these were the ones I picked. This probably means I won’t be buying any new Vogue patterns at the moment. I’ll have to see if these patterns still intrigue me in a month. But hey, I’ve got plenty to do. Remember my lists?

How long does it take you to go from loving a pattern to purchasing it?