Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

The Big 4 get a lot of criticism when their new patterns come out…as do other bigger pattern companies like Burda, for instance. While I’m not saying I love how these 4 companies do everything nor do I have their back on all their pattern choices, I do want to point out patterns from the recent Vogue release that caught my eye.

This first garment is weird but I like it. It does make me think of sci fi costumes so maybe that’s why I tolerate it more than others. I don’t see myself wearing it as a daily garment but I doubt that was the intention. I’d made this for cosplaying if I found the right thing. Any thoughts?


I tested a garment (not blogged yet) that has ruffles at the bust and I chose that view in particular to push my thinking. See, I’ve been told that women with large bewbs should steer clear of any amount of ruffling because it’ll make us look bigger. Pshaw! But it’s really only after testing the garment I’m teasing you with that I’m even considering any ruffling. I’m not crazy about this fabric Vogue chose to use for the sample but I might try it some day, ruffles and all. Again, my costumey mind likes it a lot.


It must be the costumes I’ve been making lately that have me in a more dramatic vein of sewing because I love this dress. Yeah, it’s simple. I can see myself liking the sheer sleeves and the satin hem band. So cool. But why am I always attracted to dresses with underbust gathers?? I don’t know why but I have yet to conquer underbust gathers!! Something is wrong with me. I know I’d need to use a lightweight knit- lucky me we’re talking about that on Fabric Chat today on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll get some tips cos I really do like lightweight and sheer everything.

I did see the men’s coat and while I’d love to say I have to have that pattern and make it for the hubbinator, the likelihood is slim. I have yet to make him a buttondown, let alone a coat! I did see a blazer that I want to make the dude but, y’know, I wanna sew for me right now!

That’s it! Out of all those patterns these were the ones I picked. This probably means I won’t be buying any new Vogue patterns at the moment. I’ll have to see if these patterns still intrigue me in a month. But hey, I’ve got plenty to do. Remember my lists?

How long does it take you to go from loving a pattern to purchasing it?


22 thoughts on “Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

  1. twirldesigns says:

    It could be as long as a year before I purchase a new pattern I like or it could be a matter of days! It really all depends on how much it costs at the time and how much spending money I have. 🙂 Ideally I would love to buy them right away!

  2. Clipped Curves says:

    They are quite dramatic so could be great costume patterns. And your final question… Unless its an OOP or vintage so there’s only 1 in stock, I wait to purchase till I’ve found the ideal fabric. Maybe foolish if it turns out it doesn’t suit me but it prevents a cupboard full of unmade patterns.

    • Leila says:

      I’m similar. I’d rather have patterns in my stash that I’m going to use rather than loads of patterns I’ll never touch. I think it’s part of why I don’t always buy right away, even when I love a pattern.

  3. Brooke says:

    I don’t think I’ve bought any new patterns from the Big 4 in a year or two. I’ve found that they have mostly been re-releasing the same basic things that I already have in my collection. It is usually an interesting detail that ultimately gets me to buy one now and I wait for a sale.

    I remember pausing to look a little longer on that first pattern you pictured of the red dress, but I doubt I would ever make it. I agree that the fabric for the ruffled purple dress is not the best choice – it looks so limp and like it got wet (my biggest annoyance with the RTW styles right now. Why does everything look wet and lifeless??).

    My favorite pattern and the only one I have on my list to buy from this Vogue collection is the last one they listed – the frog and owl purses! They are just so cute and random, I think I need it!

      • Brooke says:

        The fact that I have some of that metallic fur left from Shakespeare that I was already planning to make an owl out of is probably my biggest motivator to buy the purse pattern!

        Yes, Erin’s patterns are definitely the most thought out bag patterns I’ve ever seen – it’s so nice when someone else does all the trial & error and thinking for you!

    • CGCouture says:

      Thank goodness!! I was afraid I was the only one who liked the purses! I’m not sure if I would ever carry one myself, I think some little girl would find them to be awesome. 🙂

      • Brooke says:

        I think everyone secretly wants that pattern! I have a feeling it will be hard to get a copy of for a while. And I will have to come up with an excuse to make and carry one myself, hehe.

    • Leila says:

      Yeah, I hear ya. I’ve got so much I want to make. Luckily I have a deadline for my Inara costume. Otherwise it would sit in a heap for years.

  4. CGCouture says:

    I wasn’t overly inspired by anything Vogue had to offer this time around, except maybe a pair of pants from Marcy Tilton (whose designs are generally so out there I don’t even give them a second look) and a raglan sleeved collared blouse. But I don’t see myself just running out the door to get them. And as for how long I wait before buying a pattern? I tend to go by my budget, skill level, and possibly what I can think of from stash that I can make something with. In other words, I overanalyze the situation and tend to wait several months before making a purchase. 😉

  5. Bird and Bicycle says:

    I am only about a year into sewing clothes for myself so my sewing pattern purchases have been a bit hit or miss due to lack of experience and over excitement.

    I have a lot of Colette Patterns and the book but find I am enjoying sewing knits more than wovens. It took me a good six months to realize if I am going to sew for myself, I need to sew what I wear. (Knits! Bike friendly clothing! Sweaters and cardigans!)

    So now I have a little list of patterns I want (like the culottes!) that I am saving up for, patterns I know I will use and love to wear.

    I do love the drama in the last blue dress you showed. I am enjoying playing with sheers and layers and think I will add that to my want list!

    • Leila says:

      I love your plan! Knits, bike friendly clothing, sweaters and cardigans are a great mix! Remember how I said I was going to send you a custom sized pattern. I think I have the perfect pattern that would totally fit in with your current sewing plan.

  6. prttynpnk says:

    I will jump on a big-4 sale and buy a bunch when they come out, but I have to say, I’m slower to buy an indie pattern until I’ve seen some similiarly shaped sewcialists make them up and I see if I can justify the price- I don’t feel so bad about chucking a $2 pattern as I do a $18 one. Basically, I feel patterns are for adopting- they want us to take them home, oh yes. Save them from the Hancock fabrics quickly!
    This Vogue grouping isn’t getting my love- I’d look like a canopy bed in a bordello in that ruffly business….

    • Leila says:

      I haven’t bought a big 4 pattern in a while but I also have patterns in stash that I want to sew and I’m trying to be good about not buying more patterns. You know what’s worse than regular garment patterns? Costume patterns. some are like $35! It’s like buh bye fabric money.

  7. Sarah says:

    I wear ruffles on my giant bewbs all the time. I didn’t think it would work but it does! It obviously depends on the shirt but I have one that is a little flowy and has a ruffle on the collar and down the front a bit. It’s a black and white pattern and I wear it with everything.

  8. Rachel says:

    I went through my pattern stash the other day and realized that I also seem to have a thing for the underboob gathers. I’m making a shirt with them right now. 🙂 It does seem to make for a slightly easier FBA.

    Also, that first pattern is showing up everywhere – there seems to be a lot of interest from people, but I’m curious to see if anyone actually makes it.

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