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Have you heard of the Sew Bossy Initiative? Read about it here if you haven’t heard. You might remember the Sew Bossy exchange I did with Heather and Gillian. It was the pink polka dot top.

Lizzy over at Sew Busy Lizzy sent me a Sew Bossy package and it arrived last week just in time for me to treat it like a birthday present! She’s awesome and a lovely bossy partner. She sent me Vogue 1247 and this really cool printed denim and a magenta rayon that is just beautiful!



The Koala is image you see is actually a wipe for my glasses. Lizzy also sent me a postcard with pictures of where she lives. I really just want to move there. Don’t we all?

If you haven’t seen Lizzy’s outfit she made of this pattern, go check it out! While I do wear a lot of fitted stuff, I also like a relaxed fit and this outfit looks perfect for me.

Thank you Lizzy for such a thoughtful package! I’m really excited to make this!

Anyone else doing a Sew Bossy project? I have sent a Bossy project to Lizzy and I’m nervous whether she’ll like it or not. I’ll be over here biting my nails until it arrives.

Oh and I have to say that those of you on Twitter who were tweeting at me on my birthday, you really made my day!! Thanks to MaLora Ann for making up the #Leiladay tag and making me smile. I mean, come on, I’m a middle child AND a Leo who has worked in theater… I loved the attention. I had one of the best birthdays in a long while. I spent it at the beach on Lake Michigan and hung out with my husband’s family in the sun by the water. It was glorious! So, thank you all again!