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WARNING: This whole post is one big overshare. If you don’t want to hear details about my fitting bras, skip this post.

I will be the first to admit that I have no clue how to fit smaller bewbs. I love you smaller bewb’d friends but I’ve had to deal with bigger bewbs so, of course, I obsess. I’ve had several people thru my life tell me that I wasn’t the size bra I was wearing. First time it happened, I was changing my clothes in the locker at school. I was in 8th grade and I have no idea what size bra I was in but the girls in the locker didn’t think I needed a bra. I ended up flashing them so they’d believe me.

There were a couple of other times though one stands out. I was working at an elementary school and it was after school hours so a couple of us were gabbing in one of the classrooms when we started talking about bras. Yeah, wherever I go, I talk about bewbs and bras! One of the teachers couldn’t believe the size I was wearing. At the time, I was wearing a 34DD and I can only guess that the back strap was really stretchy because in looking at pictures, my bewbs are the same size now as they were then and today I would never try to put myself in a 34DD.

The story ends when I pointed out to the teachers that breast tissue can extend into the underam area and that I have bottom heavy bewbs. If I don’t wear a top that points out my underbust or the length of my bewbs, you could go for a while thinking they aren’t as big as they are. Well, maybe not a long while.

Most of you know or have noticed that I’ve lost a big of weight as I’ve had to eliminate gluten and sugar for the health issues I’m dealing with. So far, I’ve lost 30lbs! It’s crazy and while I’m happy for the loss, I don’t have all my energy back so I’m definitely not enjoying myself yet. But soon.

While that big of a weight loss you’d think my bewbs would’ve shrunk more but, y’know, genetics.

I’ve been overdue for a new bra for a while and my birthday weekend seemed the perfect time to get a new one. I went to Nordstrom but didn’t take them up on their offer to refit me. I had used this bra size calculator and I know how things should fit so I thanked the woman and grabbed about 9 or 10 bras to try on. I went for the 32G’s as a starting point though there was a nude bra I wanted to try on and they didn’t have the 32G so I grabbed a 30GG.

This is the one I tried in the 30GG. It’s the Freya Deco. My issue was that on one bewb I got spillage and the other one wasn’t quite fitting. I know I was PMSing and so I got leftie wanting to jump ship. I’ll have to try it on again once I’m not ballooning. I’m wondering whether a larger cup size would do the trick. The 30 band fit perfectly, which is why I think cup change. I do want to find a nude bra since I get so much use out of them.

I also tried on the Cleo Bella balconette in a 32G and I think I could’ve used either a larger cup or a size up on the band…or maybe just wait until I break in the band? I dunno. It was really cute on and I got a very similar shape to the model below- surprisingly. I was super lifted, like 8th grade lifted, but not as far as being a chin rest. I really need to find out my size in this bra. I

I then tried on Chantelle’s Rive Gauche. I swear I didn’t get a “push up” bra effect. It felt and looked like a normal full coverage bra. My notes say that the back was too big and the cup a tad too small. I tried on the 32G. Next time I try this bra, I’ll try on the 30GG and see if I get a better fit.

Then, I tried on Elomi’s Betty which I pinned on Pinterest a while ago. Sadly, all they had in stock was a 34G. The cup and the band were a size too big so I just sunk in there and it wasn’t pretty. I’ll try a 32G when I get a chance and see if one size down in the band helps the cup issues.

Last, I’ll show you the one I bought. It’s the Freya Patsy in a 32G. The band fit great on the last hook, which is how you should try a bra since the band will stretch with wear. If a fitter tells you to hook your bra on the last hook, just know that over time the band will loosen and the fit won’t be great. At least that’s been my experience. With larger bewbs you need that band to do all the supporting. You don’t want your shoulder straps to do all the work.

Here you have a side by side comparison of the model next to my own pic so you can see the difference. See, I’m always curious how bras, especially bras made for larger cups, actually fit on women with larger cups.

Freya Patsy Leila

Let’s be scientific. The proportions are done well. The bridge (the piece of fabric in the center front of the body) is longer on my bra than the models to accommodate a longer measurement that comes with a larger bust. You can see the band on the model doesn’t push any fat on her like it does on me. I’m okay with that since the band is actually comfortable and the hooks aren’t pulling. Β I think the way the two pictures are taken is making the lace look like it curves more on the model. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, it’s a pretty close image if that’s all you’re going off of.

I really want to try some of the bras above in different sizes. My best bet would be to buy them online in a couple of different size combinations and then return what doesn’t fit or I don’t want. Nordstrom is the only place nearby that I can find my size and my size is still tricky to find. I went for 32G’s because they are easier to find than 30GG’s. I’ve read of the utter frustration from lingerie bloggers who try to find 26-28 bands with G and up cups.

I want to try the Panache Jasmine and I see the Nordstrom in town has one in my size so we’ll see how it fits me. There is no 30GG so if the 32G doesn’t fit, I’ll have to try another bra. Panache has fit me before in the size I assumed I was so that might be a good omen. Here’s another post from the Butterfly Collection blog on how to put on your bra so you can see if it fits right or not. Don’t skip the scooping.

My problem now is that I don’t rotate my bras the way I should. I know I should but I don’t throw money at bras. Maybe if I can trace the Patsy, I can make a couple duplicates and then I’ll have a decent rotation.

How many bras do you currently rotate between? How often do you go bra shopping? Or is it just too depressing not finding something that fits? Any bra patterns you would recommend or are interested in trying?