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I’ve made only a couple of jackets and I’ve been sticking to the non-fitted kind for the moment so I can really get a handle on how jackets come together.

I already made McCalls 6611 and I was so proud of it but I had some pretty bad fitting issues. For one, the shoulders! Gah. Ok, we live and learn. I’d also need to do a forward shoulder alterations and take in and reshape the sleeve head.


and here’s the inspiration. I’d like to figure out how to change M6611’s collar, or actually add a collar like on this lovely blue leather jacket.


or I would go for the same pattern in a sweater knit. The site says it’s a poplin but I’m imagining it in a heavy knit.


There’s a trend I’ve read about for this Fall that includes oversized, rounded shouldered jackets and coats. Yup. It’s the 80s all over again. The 80s got me to wear oversized clothes once. Ever since I stopped wearing oversized clothes, I find I actually like how I look. So, oversized stuff, you don’t get to be on me.

I do have a bomber jacket from my college days and I just can’t get rid of it. I’m wearing it this year with …. fitted pants/trousers? (I’m having a hard time saying I’m gonna try skinny jeans or skinny anything.)

I have plans to make the Robson coat but I have no idea what color to make.


I don’t want to do it in black but then what? Eggplant is a favorite color and I do love a lot of blue shades…though really I should really be making a magenta or otherwise pink Robson. Yeaaah, that’s it. What about eggplant AND magenta. I’m liking this idea. We’ll see.

I know that’s just two jackets. I’ll probably add in another McCalls 6519 like my satin twill one I haven’t blogged about. I have this lovely wool suiting that would look gorgeous as this jacket. I might need to get some other fabric for the sleeves as I only own a yard of it. It was a remnant purchase. I had to have it.

I have always wanted a black and white striped knit jacket like one. I have a sweater similar to this but I’d really like to make a jacket.


What other jackets do you recommend for me?