Sometimes all I want to do is use a tried and true (TNT) pattern and whip something up that I know will fit. That’s the beauty of TNT patterns. Once you have a couple you can play with combining them and cutting them up to make hacks of them. I have been shying away from overly fitted garments while I’m still in the middle of losing weight. I’m slowing down so I don’t think it would be horrible if I started to do fittings now but I’ve lost a lot of work since March. Lots of FBAs thrown out because mah bewbs were just not gonna fill in.

I went perusing Vintage Martini’s patterns for inspiration and I saw this one with a dickie and thought I could make it with the Hummingbird top and then add a skirt instead of the peplum. How cute would that be! The pockets on this dress are my kind of pockets! I now have pockets drafted for a Sewcial Bee contest. So I’m getting closer to making this!

Then I saw this shirtdress and remembered that I really want to remake Gertie’s shirtdress, though I really like the idea of attaching the pencil skirt that comes in her book.

I’m also wondering about making a Hummingbird skirt in ponte and attach it to the top to make a dress that doesn’t need a zipper. I’m looking at you, Gillian. You inspire these zipperless wonders.

But let’s look at more pockets!


I like the drawstring pockets on the one below as well as the hidden pockets on the skirt on the left.



I wonder how welt pockets would look and work on a circle or half circle skirt. What are those patch pockets all about? I can’t tell what’s going on.

Patterns, in general, aren’t exciting me as much as they used to and I wonder if it’s because I can see how to hack what I have into what I want. What do you think? Do you think you have enough patterns in your stash to hack garments for a while? I do like buying patterns, if anything to be inspired. A fresh new pattern can get my sewjo back much like a beautiful cut of fabric.