Procrastinating Tips

Tip #1: Find your to do list from last month and try to cross off those last 3 things.

Tip #2: Discover a new hobby- something super involved.

Tip #3: Find a complicated recipe and make it twice, just to make sure you remember how it goes.

Tip #4: Go through all your friend’s old photos posted to Facebook.

Tip #5: Categorize your boxes by shade of brown.

Tip #6: When you find old cell phones, decide you need to go through all your contacts, texts, photos and figure out how to transfer all information to your new cell phone even though the Bluetooth won’t work.

Tip #7: Look up vintage stoves that might look like the one in your new place (the one we get actually works!)

Tip #8: Paint your nails before you pack up all your polish. This might require a trip to the grocery store for more nail polish remover.

Tip #9: Look up cake recipes and try to work out a gluten-free, stevia one that I can eat.

Tip #10: Stare out the window. (This could last hours unless you have kids who require your services.)

Tip #11: Do a write up like this one and link to me so I can spend some time perusing your list.

Note: This list is also good when you have laundry to fold or other chores you just can’t bring yourself to do.

Best, relaxing wishes

34 thoughts on “Procrastinating Tips

    • Leila says:

      Oh yeah! I’m getting boxes from different people so there are shades. hehe. Also, a friend of mine is married to a guy who works for a box making company! They’re good friends.

  1. StephC says:

    Hehehe, love this, and I feel like I know what your day was like today…

    If I’m procrastinating about work, I clean the house… If I’m procrastinating cleaning the house, I work… Generally… The staring out the window thing helps, too. 🙂

    • Leila says:

      Haha. Yeah, I taped the pattern together, cut out fabric and started to stitch it up. Then packed a box, made food, stared out the window, changed clothes…hehe. Exhausting day. 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Leila, re: #9: if you’re interested in a good recipe, my daughter and I made a chocolate chip cookie recipe that was gluten free, grain free, and sugar free with the exception of the sugar in the chocolate chips. We used dark chocolate chips for lower sugar. They are pretty awesome and thoroughly legal little cookies. We used erythritol/monk fruit extract as opposed to stevia, but I’m sure you can use stevia also. Give me a holler if you want it – just doing my part to help you procrastinate.

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Ha ha! I think you forgot a few (thousand). It’s amazing the ways we can think up to procrastinate, isn’t it? “oh my gawd, there is lint on my couch!! Quickly, to the lint brush!”

    • Theresa in Mérida says:

      mug cake: 3 tbls almond meal
      3 tbls cocoa powder
      1 tablespoon coconut oil
      1 egg
      2 envelopes stevia
      dash salt-1/4 teas vanilla

      mix in a large mug, microwave for 3 minutes.. it’s a little dry, I have added a mashed over ripe banana to this and it’s better. I’ve also used left over mayo instead of egg and oil. You can use more stevia if you like sweeter.


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