We were chatting the other night on Twitter about wanting to sew something in red. How awesome is red! LadyKatza calls red a neutral and we all agreed that we needed something in red. And LadyK came up with the hashtag. I love that woman!

Here are some details:

  • Make a garment in red fabric. If you want to only use red accents, go for it. Get some red going!
  • Post your finished garment in October (or sooner, everyone has the right to get excited) to your blog and add some photos to the Sewcialists Flickr page so we can see all the makes together. Don’t forget to link to your blog so we can read about your project.
  • Tell your friends to join in making a red garment in October. Why? I know I like playing sewing with my best buds. Everyone’s welcome!
  • One last thing, use the tag #RedOctober on twitter and Flickr and such so we can find each other’s stuff.

Will you join in #RedOctober? Will you make something for daywear or evening? What season? Would you make a red jacket? or is a dress your thing? Get your Pinterest board going. Is there anything I’m forgetting? Anything that would help us stay in contact (besides Twitter and blogs) during #RedOctober?

I’m thinking of finally making a Cambie or an Anna. Or both! Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t want a red Tiramisu but with a maxi skirt.