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I was chatting with my buds Heather and Gillian and we were talking about all wanting to try the new Hemlock pattern but weren’t sure how it would look on us with bewbs. Gillian dared us to make the Hemlock. And what do you do when Gillian dares you to something? You do it…or at least I do.

I went to The French Seam and bough two awesome knits. The one I used for my hemlock is a Betsy Johnson super light weight knit. It’s either a tissue or a burnout. I don’t know but I can see through the fabric. It isn’t noticeable while wearing.

I’m loving my Hemlock. It’s one size and the only alteration I made was to the neckline. I scooped the neck down a bit because I don’t care much for high necklines. Plus, I was thinking it would look better on me having a larger chest.

Hemlock sitting

I love the stairs in our new place!

Hemlock 2

It’s so relaxing.

Hemlock hug

…and apparently I love this wall!

Hemlock neckline     Hemlock front Hemlock front neck Hemlock backHemlock 3


I have my Grainline Moss skirt traced and ready to muslin but first I need to finish my Steampunk costume for our day out at Faire. I think a moss would look cute with a Hemlock. Juxtaposing the unfitted top with a mini skirt. Yes, please! Add some leggings and you might call that my daily wardrobe wish list.

Have you made the Hemlock? If you normally wear fitted tops and dresses, do you ever mix it up and add in any loose fitting clothes? I definitely like mixing things up and after this Hemlock, I don’t think I’ll be afraid of a boxy top, as long as it’s paired with slim fitting jeans or something that contrasts the blousy quality of it. What do you think? How would you mix up a boxy tee?