Another Sugar Plum dress and I’m wearing leopard print!

I’ve talked about Sugar Plum from Lolita Patterns when I tested it but just to recap, the bodice is completely lined, there is no hand stitching (I’m looking at you Heather) and the pattern doesn’t have a ton of extra ease. Keep that in mind when you start working with these patterns. I cut the size 6 skirt because I’m a twerp and forgot I needed the size 8 and the skirt was too tight- even using a stretch denim. The pattern is made to work with stretchy materials plus the lack of extra ease so remember that when you reach for fabric. The size 8, as it were, fits perfectly.

I used the size 6 for the bodice and did an FBA and I got a great fit. No need to do a narrow shoulder alteration. I also used the size 6 midriff and it made a nice transition from bodice to skirt. I think I could’ve used a smaller midriff on my first Sugar Plum- I think I might have ended up with a better fit in the waist.

For this version, I used a stretch denim and a leopard print voile. You heard me! I not only used a print but an animal print. I’m so proud of myself. I think this amount of animal print is perfect for a transitioner like myself.

One last thing before starting the picture parade: no hand stitching.


DSCN6693DSCN6694DSCN6696   DSCN6706  DSCN6699Sugar Plum boogie

You might have noticed that I didn’t gather the sleeves. The thing that I found with not gathering them is that the sleeves end up being a tiny bit tight when I go for a high five or other celebratory activities. It doesn’t bother me standing or doing computer work (haha, I’m calling Twitter computer work now) but I had to say something. After the cool way Amity has you sewing the lining in by machine you really will feel like high fiving someone.

Now, you gotta join me for the Sugar Plum sew-along! It’ll be my first sew-along for Lolita and I’d love the company. Head over and pick up a copy of the pattern. You can also buy a pdf and download it right now. This week I printed a copy shop version of another pattern from Lolita that’ll be coming out really soon and at Staples it was about $10 to print. For Sugar Plum, it should be around $7- depending on where you live, I suppose.

Who’s joining me for the sew-along?

58 thoughts on “Another Sugar Plum dress and I’m wearing leopard print!

    • Leila says:

      You will look so amazing in this dress. Do it! And yeah, he is. First thing out of his mouth when he saw me in the dress was “Hey Sugar Plum”. it was sweet.

  1. nishi says:

    So cool! I wish I could get away with wearing smart clothes (they always get destroyed in seconds when I try!) because I would definitely be making this! It fits you like a (well-fitting) glove!

  2. Helen says:

    Gorgeous! You look amazing. Stretch denim and leopard print is the perfect combo. It’s probably a good thing that I live on the other side of the world, otherwise I would be breaking into your house just to steal that dress 😉

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