Plaid Victorian Saturday Cemetery Picnic Outfit

October is proving to be a very fun month in my corner of the world. You might have already seen my Victorian costume I made for Ren Faire. Well, I used the same bodice pattern, tweaked it, drafted a new skirt and ended up with a costume I’m pretty proud of!

In looking back at photos, I see that I was already planning and starting to draft before I even went to Faire so it was probably a 2 week project. Thanks to those of you who chimed in on Twitter and IG about the design. I waffle so much on this part and making design decisions can trip me up for days.

Vicky Plaid sketch

IMG_20131009_121620 IMG_20131004_223705

Bodice redrafted.

Bodice redraft

I started with this bodice pattern from Frances Grimble and Brooke held my hand while I drew the shawl collar. It was amazingly simple. The muslin stage helped clean up what I didn’t know how to do in the drafting. I literally just drew lines how I wanted them to look in the final garment, added seam allowances and muslined.

I noticed in my last workings with this bodice pattern that I had a slight pulling at the back of the neck. I don’t think it’s super noticeable…until you notice. Brooke helped me figure out that I just needed to add a bit of length to the back of the neck and it totally worked. I can see I might want to do a little more tweaking before I make this again- which I will! I’m going to the Steampunk ball in February again (me at the ball last year) and I’m using the same pattern to make the evening bodice.


Made a couple of lightweight petticoats as all I have for my Victorian wear is late bustle period undergarments and I wasn’t wearing my bustle with this outfit. All the fullness is in the back so the pictures I posted to IG don’t show much. I might add a small bum roll though I like how it turned out.


Drafting the skirt. I swear by Frances Grimbles books. So many patterns!

Here’s the mandatory front/side/back pics. I love the length on this skirt and especially the bodice. I got that length by measuring on myself and looking in a mirror to see how long I wanted the bodice to be, drawing that length on the pattern and adding seam allowances.

Plaid Victorian front Plaid Victorian side Plaid Victorian back

And the fun photos! I used the parasol my friend Bethany got me recently while living in China. I love it so much and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to use it.

Plaid Victorian walking stairsPlaid Victorian side stairsPlaid Victorian bottom stairsPlaid Victorian hand   Plaid Victorian hand   DSCN6723DSCN6717  DSCN6722DSCN6724

And that folks is a pic heavy post. I’m super thrilled with this costume. I think it’s the nicest thing I’ve made so far. I do love working with wool and suitings so that probably contributes. Yeah, I made the head warmer thingie out of faux fur I got at The French Seam. I did buy the lace top I’m wearing and the bow you see is actually a silk scarf I added to make it look like it was attached to the blouse. Sneaky, eh? I did end up wearing my Go To Cape with the outfit because it was chilly! I’ll post pictures and talk about the picnic I went to later. This got long fast.

Now I’ve got two full Victorian costumes I can wear anywhere! I’ll have my ballgown for February and then maybe add a real Victorian coat. Ooh, that would be awesome, right!

27 thoughts on “Plaid Victorian Saturday Cemetery Picnic Outfit

  1. Brooke says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! I so love this outfit/costume! (For the record, you could totally wear the jacket & blouse with jeans and no one would think costume!) The lines are gorgeous and you just keep getting better and better with the fitting tweaks! The red gloves are really pretty with it and I love all your other accessories too!

    I always have so much fun drawing all over my mockups – glad that method helped you out for this. =)

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