The Brasilia Dress test: Part I

Rachel from House of Pinheiro talked about a dress a number of months ago and I was floored by the design. This image below if from Rachel’s blog. Click on it and you’ll go to the post where she talks about her inspiration. The dress she used to draft the Brasilia dress is the bottom right. Isn’t it just amazing??


And then she went ahead and made her dress and not only that but is making a pdf available for the sewing world. First, though, she needed testers and that’s where I came in. I joined in the fun of testing her pattern.

I’ve made a muslin with no alterations to see what I need to do since this pattern is based on her body. First of all, I’ve taken about 2-3″ of the length of the torso off- yeah, she’s super tall and I’m 5’4″. Oh and I have no rumpus so I have to take away from the hip area. Other than that, the dress should fit fine. I’m using a stretch cotton so I’m sort of cheating ease-wise.

Hopefully next time I blog, I’ll have a pretty dress to show off.

20 thoughts on “The Brasilia Dress test: Part I

  1. ThreadTime says:

    I have my first draft sewn and ready for fitting, but your changes are making me nervous! Mine is for my daughters who are 5’3″ and 5’4″. Measurements are right on Rachal’s except for height. The fitting should be interesting! Good thing I used some inexpensive fabric I had on hand. LOL

  2. Chuleenan - C Sews says:

    Using stretch cotton is a good idea! I was thinking of making a Japanese pattern for woven in a knit so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about fit.

    I’m curious to see what everyone’s Brasilia dress will look like! That photo IS amazing. I’m not a shift dress kinda gal – but this one looks like a fun one for color blocking.

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