Brasilia Dress Muslin #1




Yes, you are getting mirror shots. That’s the kind of blogger I am today.

This is my first muslin of Rachel’s Brasilia dress. I took a lot out of the length between the underbust and the hip. Now I see from side and back pics that I need to take more out of the back length.

Now, what’s going on in front? Do I take out a tiny bit more length or add width at the side seams? Adding width should make the length less of an issue.

I’ve got some client sewing to do and an exciting trip to Canada! So, more alterations might have to wait till next week.

Except for the back length I’d be happy with this first go. The front won’t bother me when in motion.

10 thoughts on “Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

  1. gmariesews says:

    Ummm, I am totally not a fitting expert, but I would get just a smidge more hip room. I looks to me like the side seam is flying forward at the hem, but othersize – what a great dress!!


    • kotukucreek says:

      What a sweet dress! Love that colour on you?
      After years of wearing just tops and bottoms I decided I needed a dress.
      I purchased a fitted sheath style dress made of linen, lined with polyester.
      The fit of the dress is not tight but when I sit in the car the dress pulls at my front neck and struggles to accommodate the curve around my butt without pulling at the lower front edge. Sitting on a regular chair the pulling is less of a problem but the dress still rides up.
      So, my suggestion to you would be to do the sit test before making adjustments. Maybe lower the front neckline a little to avoid the choking while sitting possibility and perhaps increase the wiggle room around the hips.
      There does seem to be extra fabric in the small of your back that looks like it needs to be pinched out but I am not sure how you avoid the ‘I look great standing , I just can’t sit’ factor, apart from extra ease or stretch fabric.

      • Leila says:

        Thank you. My daughter has helped me recognize a love of pink. I’m using a stretch fabric but I still think I’m going to add to the side seams. Thank you.

  2. Betsy says:

    I’d open your side hip area seam and let it drop down on its own some—it can be more fitted, but shift dresses ideally should spin on the body. It’s a little different look–a little more boxy than fitted.

    With that snazzy slim waisted figure of yours, you may want the fit instead, then you’d have to switch things around to get the extra out, but make sure you have enough ease. Won’t be as comfortable otherwise and you don’t want pulling on armholes and neck when you sit.

    You are looking so pretty in pink. And watch you side underarm–just don’t get it all too snug.


    • Leila says:

      Adding to the hip seams is exactly what I should do. I was also thinking of raising the underarms because as they are they’ll show my bra. That’s no good.

  3. Elena Knits says:

    How is it going with this dress? I think that it could be a bit more fitted on the waist to remove those wrinkles at the front. That or adding some length there. Normally, when I work on a muslin I need to try it for a couple of days to be able to see what I need to modify. Just pinch here and there and see if you see any improvement.

    I’m almost done with my Brasilia dress. It fits fine. It also shows a little bit of bra on the armhole like yours but for the rest I got no complaints.

    BTW, I’m hosting a give away for my birthday. The prize is a pattern of your choice from Ravelry. You just have to leave a comment on my last post.

    • Leila says:

      It’s going but slowly because I was out of town. I hope to do a couple more tweaks to the fit- one of them will be to raise the armhole opening. I can’t wait to see your Brasilia dress. 🙂

      And thanks for letting me know about your giveaway.

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