My Mission (not a) Maxi dress!

Mission maxi 2 Mission Maxi sideMission Maxi backMission Maxi short front 

This is the Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina, my new favorite tank style dress. I did mod it a bit, thanks to Gillian‘s suggestions while I was at her house. Oh yeah! I was in Canada, folks! So much fun. Met up with some of the sewcialists there (including Catja, Sara and Katherine– all a delight to meet), went fabric shopping, had my flight canceled due to really scary weather in Illinois and Indiana, went to the comic book shop, saw the new Thor and then made this dress and another one I’ll show you later this week. Thanks again Gillian for having me over for the weekend!

Fitting and mods

I started with the size 10 but graded out at the bust to the size 12. I also used the size 6 shoulders combined with the altered shoulders that Gillian had created to widen them as they seemed a bit narrow for me and my bra straps. I also brought up the underarm so that my bra wouldn’t show. I used the size 6 neckline for its width but raised the neck.

I like how the dress fits in the hip area. It could be closer fitting but I don’t want to stress about my panty line showing.


I created my own neck and shoulder binding, serged it to the dress and topstitched with a straight stitch to keep the seam allowances from flipping over. Adding the bindings gave the neckline and shoulders more width which I welcomed.

I’m finally on the Mission Maxi bandwagon! Even if it isn’t the maxi version. I bought some sweater knits and this cozy knit that I can see would totally work with this pattern.

Warm maxis to the winter rescue!

I haven’t hemmed the dress because I’m not actually sure how long/short I want it. The purpose of this dress is to go salsa dancing in it so we’ll see what I end up doing. I like the length as is but I could stand to hem it a tiny bit shorter.

21 thoughts on “My Mission (not a) Maxi dress!

  1. sewexhausted says:

    I have this pattern too but probably will not make it up until next year. I like the mods you did- especially the wider straps. I hate it when bra straps hang out (even tho we see them all the time out and about!) The length is nice on you as well! Happy to hear your Canada trip was a success! You lucky lady- meeting Sewcialists and sewing while you are at it!

    • Leila says:

      I do feel very lucky. It’s pretty awesome. The shoulder straps and the underarm both showing my bra were gonna be an issue but I really do love the shaping of this dress so much that altering those two spots were worth it.

  2. hamilton chicklets says:

    Don’t know how I missed your post-meetup makes! This is adorable! I really like it at this length and think that I’d probably get much more wear out of it than the maxi. Will have to give this one a try soon! Was great meeting you! Sara

    • Leila says:

      Thanks Sara! The maxi sometimes seems more dressy than a shorter version. I do like how full it is at the hem. Very comfortable, too, cos of it being a knit.

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