Gunmetal at the beach in California!

I’m actually in California folks! Yes, I bring things to work on! It is my parent’s house, after all, and my mom’s sewing machine (Brother Innov-is 40) works great and they all understand the need to make things all the time. I had most of my Gunmetal started at home. All I had left to do was attach the neck ruffle, the lining, sleeves and peplum. Sound like a lot? Not so much after you’ve been working on attaching all the cool details on the front panel. This is really a quick make, over all.

And it’s burgundy! With black mesh! I love this one so much.

Burgundy Gunmetal front

Just walking to the beach. I love cheating the cold by coming to California and not wearing a jacket! I know, I’m a little evil right now.

Gunmetal with sleeves cropped

Gunmetal details at sunset.

Burgundy gunmetal side front

You’ve seen what the Gunmetal looks like so I’m really showing you, in real life, without altering the photos, what it looked like. One thing I do see is that I didn’t check the stretch of my overlay. Oops! I should’ve checked that it was as stretchy as the knit and since it isn’t, I should’ve made it wide so that it would hang the same. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

Burguny Gunmetal back

But, seriously, the beach!

Burgundy Gunmetal side back 

I might have a little sand in my eye…or I just don’t know what to do with my hands.

Burgundy gunmetal beach 

Close up details during construction. I love the mesh and the ruffles down the front. Ruching! Ruching! Ruching!

On a more personal note, I do miss being close to the ocean. It’s so calming. I stared at the waves for what seemed hours and I could’ve stayed longer.

Burgundy Gunmetal sitting

I used a bamboo/rayon knit from Joanns along with one of their black stretch mesh fabrics. I used the mesh for the neck ruffle, used the D-rings and sparkly ribbon to attach them to the front panel. I had to!

I also used the sleeves from Sewaholic’s Renfrew. I’m a convert. I swear it’s Erin’s fault. She made her Gunmetal with sleeves…so I wanted a Gunmetal with sleeves. I did cheater cuffs and left the hem of my peplum without a hem, in case you’re wondering.

Another fun outing I get to make is to meet up with other Bay Area Sewcialists. I can’t wait to meet up an hang out in the city.

Before I leave you for more California dreaming, don’t forget to enter the Gunmetal Giveaway on the Lolita blog! You could win this pattern along with Gunmetal themed goodies. Amity is so awesome at picking these out.

Also, there’s the Gunmetal Sew-Along that I’ll be running in January. I’ll make sure to let you know the exact start date as soon as we firm things up! Until then, those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving, well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

14 thoughts on “Gunmetal at the beach in California!

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Ooooh, I hope you are having fun in California!! You went at the right time, snow and wind over here. I can’t wait for my gunmetal to arrive!! Yours looks just lovely. I love the idea of working with a sheer overlay fabric although have never done so. I am going to hold off on sewing mine until the sewalong begins in the new year, then follow along.

    • Leila says:

      The trip has been fun so far. I haven’t been here a week yet. I saw that there was snow almost immediately after I left. What luck!

      You should try working with overlays. They’re so fun and they add such a nice touch! Can’t wait for you to join in the sew-along!

  2. Elena Knits says:

    I love your version of Gunmetal. I’m also making this one but I think I’ll wait to have warmer temperatures. Winter here is not like in California 😉 I also miss the sea. I come from a coastal city but I left it 8 years ago. I’ll be going there for Christmas to enjoy the salty smell.

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