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2013-12-08 10.03.20

My friend Bethany and I went to Dickens Fair which is held every year in Daly City, just south of San Francisco. I have known about Dickens for a number of years but never went- even when I lived here. It’s a crime, I know. It’s so much fun!

We had tea together before walking around and enjoying the shows, the shops and a lot of people watching!

2013-12-08 16.09.50 

I even met up with an online friend I made during the 1912 Project! Lisa, pictured below, runs a blog with Robin, who I met but forgot to get a picture with! We walked around, talking with Lisa for a while. She was so nice and fun to talk to- we talked about so much costuming!

2013-12-08 14.32.54  

They had shows we watched… and some we half participated in…though, to be honest, I kept looking at what everyone was wearing.

2013-12-08 10.43.01  

At the very end of our trip, we went into a hat shop called Strawbenders. You can also see their work and get in touch with them via their FB page. Their hats are something else! Here I am wearing a poke bonnet- those were my favorites!

2013-12-08 17.33.53

Cool bicycle!

Dickens bike 

So now that I walked around among hoop wearing people, I really want a hoop skirt! More specifically, I want to make a ball gown for the Steampunk Ball to be a hoop skirt! By the way, I’m helping out coordinating some of the events the weekend of the Ball and I have to point out the cool workshops being offered!

I keep going back and forth on doing the hoop skirt because then I need different undergarments. We’ll see what I end up doing… will it bother me to wear 1880s garments all weekend and then have an 1860s ball gown for the ball? I know it’s a Steampunk ball so it shouldn’t bother me but I’m being silly…or maybe I’m just thinking of all the extra work of making or finding a hoop skirt.

Even if I don’t do the hoop for February for the ball, I really want to make a hoop skirt for some event! I already have 12 yards of black poly satin for a gown. I just have to settle on a period!

Do you ever stall on a project because you have too many options and too many likes?