We’re not quite at the New Year but I do love making lists and then looking back at these blogs posts to see what I’ve made and what I haven’t made. It’s always interesting to me to see if there are any patterns from plans to actual sewing.

This is just the short list! The ongoing long list goes on forever.

  • I’m helping put together costumes for the Penny Dreadful going on during the Steampunk Immersion Weekend in February.
  • I’m also running the Gunmetal Sew-Along on the Lolita blog but that’s been photographed and just needs to get organized into posts. So, it’s not technically sewing.
  • Blue wool Spearmint but this time I’m making the shorter version. I’ll be doing that sew-along in February. Hope you can join me for either or both Sew-Alongs!

  • A wristlet for my friend’s mom. You might remember my wristlet frenzy!
  • For this same friend I’m making a Victorian jacket and skirt.
  • My Victorian ball gown for which I already bought the black satin- I’m going gothic Victorian for the Steampunk Ball in February!
  • I’d also like to make a couple of rail fence quilts but that’s gonna be a start and stop kind of project.
  • New Look 6599– all the ruffles I’ve been adding with the Lolita patterns stuff has me wanting more and more ruffles…and lace…and frilly…and poofy skirts! I love it all.
  • And then I want all the capelets and cropped sweaters out there, too! What goes better with a full poofy skirt that a cute bolero? So, there’s McCalls 5006 which looks like a great place to start and add ruffles!

I’ve been pinning a lot of Lolita fashion. It’s the Victorian look but with shorter skirts. I love it all! Any new elements you’re drawn to lately? Anything you’re trying to incorporate into your sewing in the coming year? Do you organize your sewing into long and short lists? How do you keep yourself making the things you want to make, rather than getting distracted by a new pattern or a shiny beautiful fabric? Or do you just go with the flow?