black loli skirt2 black loli2 black skirt back loli2  black lace soft bonnet

It’s no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I love dressing up! “Frosting” to me isn’t this stuff, or my Victorian stuff. This is my cake. I get lots of use out of it. I make it for specific reasons, outings, gatherings, and I build on it. Right now, all I have is a rather poofy petticoat and two very simple gathered skirts.

To make the the black and white flowers skirt in these photos, I bought 3 yards of quilting cotton, cut it in half length-wise, seamed one side all the way up and only seamed up the second side part way so I could either insert a zipper or do an overlap with a button or hook and eye. I ended up going the hook and eye route so that it’s much more adjustable. I hemmed the beast and then gathered it to a waistband. Simplest construction ever.

Then, I decided on a whim to make a soft black bonnet so I could wear this whole outfit on the airplane on my way back to Indiana! I didn’t wear these heels but the rest is pretty much how I walked around San Francisco International Airport! Back to the bonnet! Here’s the tutorial I used. Only thing I did different was to add the lace to the top. It just wasn’t working for me with the lace on the bottom against my head for some reason.

The tights are from House of Holland. I could own every single pair of their tights. They’re just too cool! These are the alphabet tights.

Last year, my goal was focused on one word: Precision. I was really sick during most of 2013 (and I’m still not quite at 100% but I’m a lot better than earlier this year) which didn’t inspire me to go out to cons or do much dressing up so I think I’ll be rolling over this word to 2014. That said, this year, I’d like to focus more on my costumes. I end up buying fabric for blouses or pants or other things I’m just not going to make or wear. I either wear jeans and nerdy t-shirts or period clothing. So, I feel the need to stay focused on costumes and admit how much I like the things most people consider costumey. I don’t have plans to dress up like a pirate but I won’t say no to fabric, should I find it, for dressing up like Frozen’s Elsa!

I’m also coming to terms that I don’t like prints. This little floral skirt doesn’t make me uncomfortable but 2013 found me making up clothes in prints I just don’t wear and so those clothes didn’t get worn. In many ways, I’m piggy backing on Rochelle’s awesome post about her review of the year. Go read it. It’s very thought provoking.

Happy New Year! I wish for you the absolute best in all parts of your life, even the parts like flipping pancakes. I hope you flip the tastiest pancakes ever! And may your omelets never ever stick to the pan!