Last week, I got really sick and landed in the ER. It was all too scary for my taste but luckily after a liter and a half of fluids and some amazing pain meds, I was well enough to go back home. I went to see my holistic doctor and she is patching me up with tinctures that work really well. My body doesn’t do well with over the counter and antibiotics- very sensitive system- so I’m happy to have found this doc.

I’ve been posting to IG and Twitter and I realize I haven’t really mentioned a couple of things. So, this is really just a round up of sorts from across social media. I am supposed to be recovering so full photos of finished garments won’t happen here for a bit longer.

I got back home after my time in California and a quick trip to Chicago to make myself a Sewaholic Renfrew. I still haven’t made a regular t-shirt…but I think I’m realizing that I just don’t enjoy those kind of makes. It’s all personal, right?

I got the fabric on the body of the Renfrew from the Halloween section of JoAnn’s this year and the shiny black stretch fabric from The Fabric Outlet when I was visiting with an awesome group of sewcialists in San Francisco. Check out Cali Fabrics (their online store). Sorry, I don’t remember what it was called.

I’ve also been working on my Steampunk Weekend wardrobe- especially my accessories. A purse for the ball.

And, of course, I needed a new bodice for all the Victorian skirts I’ve made. I love this Truly Victorian pattern. This is the 4th time I’m made it up and every time it looks different because of the details I’ve changed. I guess you could say this is a TNT!

I worked on some costumes for the Penny Dreadful, which will be ongoing during the Steampunk Weekend. The local Steampunk group has taken some really great promo photos. I’ll hopefully get to share some of those here soon.

After my week in bed (after the ER trip) I was ready to sew and on one day I cut a new Gunmetal. Then, the next day I made it. This was fabric Amity gave me as a Sew Bossy project, and I have new shoes so I’m definitely taking lots of pictures- so fun! I bought some really nice buttons from The French Seam (along with some Italian wool!). I’m excited to get those on. This is my third time making up the Gunmetal pattern and only the first time doing the buttons view.

And, lastly, my Lekala blouse. I’ve been so curious to try these patterns. I bought three pieces of fabric to make blouses. This black one, a pink one and a burgundy one. This one still needs buttons but it’s starting to snow and it’s only gonna come down harder so the buttonband will have to wait.

Wow. I had’t noticed how much I’ve made this year already and it’s only the middle of January. Plus, there was a week where I couldn’t lift a finger, let alone a needle. It’s true what they say about perspective. Wait- there is a quote about perspective, right?

Do you ever think you aren’t as productive as you really are? Do you have any tips/tricks to remind yourself of your accomplishments? How do you handle health set-backs when you really just want to sew?