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I have been thinking of my love for To Do lists. I use Evernote on both my phone and laptop to keep track of the sewing projects I’d like to make. I sometimes sneak in knitting onto the list, too, but for the most part, it’s just sewing. It ranges from gifts to multi-piece costumes to sewcialist group sewing.

I tend to buy fabric for the things on my list and again, for the most part, I keep to my list. I can get really distracted from the list sometimes, buying a piece of fabric that has to come live with me but when I remind myself of my to do list I tend to stay on task. The thing I like about my lists is that I will go through them during times when I can’t sew and re-evaluate my interest in the projects. Sometimes what seems like an exciting project will, upon reflection, get deleted from the list.

The thing I really need lists for are gifts I intend to make. I don’t do a ton of selfless sewing/knitting/crafting so when I have an idea for someone, it has to be on a list so I have a constant reminder of my lofty intentions.

I just finished a Jayne hat for my cousin that was promised to her last summer…but, I’m proud to say that it stayed at the top of the gift-to-do list and didn’t land at the bottom even though I have a couple of other gifts that I recently added that are going to be more interesting than that hat. But, I mean, what am I talking about- the Jayne hat is done! And checked off the list!

I know I’ve asked this before, but how do you keep track of your sewcial sewing, your gift sewing and your own sewing? Do you find yourself prioritizing based on anything? Would you make something for someone who will appreciate it more first just cos they’ll appreciate it more? I’ve been caught in that web.

Have a great week! I need to get back to my to do list!