Jungle January Gunmetal and being bossed around!

Amity and I were talking about Gunmetal and color combination and all the ways you could make up this pattern when she came up with a Sew Bossy project for me. She wanted to send me fabric for a Gunmetal in colors she thought I could pull off but that I wouldn’t necessarily pick for myself. I still have to send her something!

I’m so glad she sent me this hot pink and animal print mesh. The mesh is also a floral burnout? or whatever you call it- correct me, please. I love how this turned out! I didn’t change anything from my last two Gunmetals. The hot pink is actually a swimsuit fabric but it works perfectly with this because you want stretch with lycra. I made view B finally. I love the D-rings but once you don’t have that step this pattern clips along really nicely. I cut it one evening and powered through it the next day. Used my serger on everything, even flatlining the mesh. Except for the gathered front pieces. I basted those with my regular machine first.

One thing I did do different from the instructions was to flatline the skirt with the mesh and treat them as one so then the sides were sewn up with a straight stitch and the seam pressed open. Then, I serged the the hem (still treating the skirt and overlay as one) and then turned it up and stitched with a straight stitch.

Jungle Gunmetal frontJungle Gunmetal back

Jungle Gunmetal side 2Jungle Gunmetal buttons Jungle Gunmetal closer front Jungle Gunmetal hem and shoes  Jungle Gunmetal with bow shoes Jungle Gunmetal bow shoes2

Yeah, I also love these shoes! I bought them specifically to wear with this dress but I know I have other pink things to wear with them. I was going to buy another pair of shoes- the skulls ones- but they just didn’t go as well as these. And like I said on IG, BOWS! Love these cute bows and I also love the ankle strap.

If you’re interested in this pattern, head over to the Lolita Patterns site to get yourself a copy or just peruse the specs and sew-along.

Don’t forget to check out Pretty Grievances’ blog for more Jungle January posts! Last year all I did was make animal print underwear…granted, I did put it on my head and made a silly picture. There is no end to my ability to embarrass myself! I’m quite proud of myself this year. I’m all animal printed! Yes, it’s pink and there are bows but y’know, animal print! You can also head over to the Jungle January Flickr group. I love the sewcialists!

Here’s something fun for you. Have a great week!


27 thoughts on “Jungle January Gunmetal and being bossed around!

  1. Brooke says:

    I have a hot pink leopard furry hat I made myself years ago that matches your dress in colors (but I don’t think it would go well with the dress). Your dress turned out really fun & cute!

    And of course the shoes are wonderful! They coordinate without trying to steal the attention from your dress. =)

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