Once Upon A Time… I went to the gym… and reasons to buy more fabric!

The cold of the winter and personal stress got me to this point. Oh and also the Sewcialists Fitness Club. Yup, another Twitter thing. It’s good. Not too much to pledge or anything. I decided the other day I’d finally join a gym and take classes with my neighbor who was the one who told me about this gym to begin with. I got a 2 day trial pass and while the staff has been super annoying, once I get a membership I think things will be fine. 

The first day at the gym I couldn’t help but look down at my really old and faded sweat pants and feel sorry for myself. So, I went ahead and did some mental shopping. I saw some cute workout pants. One pair I couldn’t stop looking at had a smallish ruched section toward the ankle. Very cute, I thought. 

Then, the search began. I want to make some fun leggings to work out in…but I also want the fabric they use in store bought ones. I’ll have to play with fabric. 

Leggings patterns I’m looking at

Cake’s Espresso leggings, which I own already. And then I can customize the look. 

Fehr Trade’s leggings

As for other inspiration, check this out. It’s so cute!



I could totally cut up the Espresso leggings and make these with the sheer panel. Love that! 

And look at this little outfit! Gah! Super cute back. 

Ok, I’ve gotta go massage my sore muscles. I went back today and did a kickboxing cardio class. I plan on going back for more air punching. 

Send me suggestions for patterns or anything you think I should know! 

7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time… I went to the gym… and reasons to buy more fabric!

  1. twirldesigns says:

    Check out seattle fabrics for some great options for athletic knits and fabric. 🙂 I should have a post up in the next few days talking about some of their knits and winter fabrics.

  2. Laurie says:

    I have been hitting the gym every morning at the gawd awful hour of 6 AM for the last 3 weeks! I am so not a morning person but if I dont get it over with my mind talks me out of going! I missed the Twitter thing- dang- but it sounds like a good way to stay motivated. I need a Twitter food gang too tho. (I mean healthy eating! not baking!)… I need some workout pants BADLY but finding the right fabric has been a chore. JoAnns has NOTHING and online is scary because I dont get to touch. Let me know if you stumble on something perfect in black!

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