Fabric Chat…an update

I didn’t want to just leave one tweet out there, hoping everyone would see it, so here you get a mini post. No 140 characters to worry about.

Fabric Chat started because there was some great chatter about fabric and I thought, why not organize this….harness the amazing knowledge of my friends on Twitter. Bring people together and get to know them better through talking about something we love- fabric! I am the first to admit that I’m not qualified to host. I know some about fabric but not enough to dish out tips week after week. That’s not what hosting is about. Hosting is about making sure people feel included and that their questions are heard and keeping the conversation going and so forth. I like hosting because I truly, honestly feel like we’re building friendships. That’s what this is about for me. I learn a lot about fabric along the way, too! It’s great.

So, here’s what I need to tell you…I am picking up some night work (not like that!) and this is gonna mean that I can’t host our dear Fabric Chat on Twitter, Fridays from 4-5pm. I can’t do anything about it and right now I can’t put energy into trying to find a “better” time to host it.

So, if someone wants to take it over, let me know. I can’t promise what’ll happen- whether I’ll be able to resume the chat or not.

For now, that’s all I got.

8 thoughts on “Fabric Chat…an update

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Is this the unconventional materials job? Or something else? We’ll all miss fabric chat, but I’m glad you are cutting yourself some slack by stopping it for now. I could host it if it was on a weekend…

  2. Brooke says:

    Fabric Chat isn’t the same when you aren’t there and you are good at hosting! I feel like I haven’t been to many in the grand scheme of things with all the jobs I’ve had in the last few months – I always seem to be working on Fridays.

    Hope your job is a fun one and that your life becomes a little less crazy soon!

  3. Michelle says:

    I have only participated in #fabricchat for a short time, but I really think that you made an incredible contribution to the online sewing community by creating the topic and organizing a forum for people to gather.

    I hope your new venture will be exciting and rewarding!!!

  4. Angela (@sewnbyangela) says:

    Thanks for posting about this, and I hope the new job goes really well for you 🙂
    Fabricchat has been so much fun, as well as informative and educational. Your hosting was everything you described above, helping us feel included & keeping the conversations going.
    You did so well at it and created a wonderful online atmosphere which is a huge achievement! Anyone who has ever tried to teach online knows how difficult it is to create a sense of community as well as encouraging interaction and you made it seem effortless.
    I’ll miss the Friday chats so much, and would love to support you if you start it again anytime.
    Thank you for again for fabricchat 🙂

  5. Angela (@sewnbyangela) says:

    My attempt at commenting yesterday seems to have vanished, maybe just as well as it was so gushing in praise 😉

    I hope your new job goes really well for you.
    Thank you for setting up Fabricchat and being a most excellent host, you achieved everything you mentioned above, keeping the conversations going and being inclusive of everybody, as well as much more. Anyone who has ever tried to teach online knows how difficult it is to create a sense of community and encourage interaction, yet you made it seem effortless. The amount of fun, information and learning that was packed into each hour made Fridays extra special 🙂
    I will miss Fabricchat but if you decide to resume it you will have my support in that too.
    x Angela

  6. Chuleenan - C Sews says:

    Leila – I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for starting fabricchat and taking the time to get it going and keep it going for so long. I really enjoyed participating! You did a great job. I wish you all the best in your work, projects, etc.

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