Prelude: My Spearmint

This was not the way I wanted to introduce my wool Spearmint. I remember talking to someone on twitter (I think it was MaLora) about things that happen behind the scenes in our sewing rooms and not showing them – so here I am to talk about a mishap with my coat.

The other day I was juggling too many things in my hands and ended up spilling half a commuter cup of coffee on my coat! I figured, since I had pre-washed my wool I’d be fine throwing it in a gentle wash.

The wool is fine, though it did felt a tiny bit but not too much- the lining still fits the coat. But then I went to re-press the collar and hem and saw this huge gap in my lining!

Gah! Sarah from OhhhLulu suggested I fray check the raw edges, hand stitch it, and most important: forget it ever happened! So, now that’s made the to-do list.

It’s not the end of the world but it was definitely a shocker.

How do you cope with your handmade garments blowing up?