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Here’s my second Issy top! The first one is already in the wash as I made it in black so I could wear it to work. I made the black one in a double knit and while it isn’t nearly as drapey as this rayon knit one, I have to say it doesn’t look half bad. Pictures of the black one later.

Let’s get on with this abstract floral one. It’s so perfect for Spring! I had the fabric in my stash for what…I don’t know. Thank you fabric stash!

I actually bought the Ziggi jacket pattern from Style Arc and this top pattern came as a bonus. I still haven’t muslined my Ziggi. The thing to know with Style Arc, in case you didn’t know already, is that you get one size. No nested sizes for you to work with. So, choose carefully. I went for the size 10 and on both of my versions I had to take them in at the waist. I’m getting extra drape around the bust…but it’s my bust so I want to make sure there’s room for a drape so I left as is.

The patterns came from Australia so there was about a two week wait but you know… you get busy, download a couple of patterns in the meantime, cut a couple of tops, muslin a dress and your patterns arrive in no time!

I always like to show a back view because the back tends to pool on tops. Taking in the sides helped with the pooling…though, honestly, you can’t tell because of the print. So maybe that’s the take away from this project- go for a print when first testing a pattern. That way any mistakes are invisible.

issy top back black shoes issy top back close up

I couldn’t decide if I liked the black platform shoes or my hot pink ones…and glasses or no glasses…so I played around. This picture below, left, is really just an “omg, I love my new haircut” picture. It really serves no other purpose.

issy top back hair issy top black shoes front  issy top pink shoes  issy top side pink shoesissy top side closeupissy top closeup front

The front drape on this top is just so cool. And the asymmetrical hem is really cool, too. The front drape is really easy to put together but you really have to just do it. Baste it first if you’re nervous…and then send me a tweet. That’s what I did with Divinerae and she was like, yeah, you’re fine…and like magic, I could finish my first version. This second version took a lot less time. Even with tweeting and watching Buffy, it was done in 2 hours.

What do you think about the shoe options? Black or pink? Also, have you tried any Style Arc patterns? How many of these tops do you think one can have in a closet? I’m thinking a couple of solid versions and I have a stripe knit that would look really cool with the side gathers and the front drape- playing with the stripe.