Blue Wool Spearmint

This is my second Spearmint coat from Lolita Patterns. I mentioned in my post about my first Spearmint that I figured it would be a wearable muslin but then I liked it so much I started wearing it all the time. Well, this blue wool I got specifically for a Spearmint coat and I’m so glad I made it.


I shortened the whole body of the coat by 5″ so that I’d get the sweep of the longer coat but not it’s length. It worked out great! I wanted to be able to wear this coat with my petticoats and full circle skirts.

I also raised the armholes to get a closer fitting sleeve as well as lowered the bust apex, which you can see in the tutorial I did here. Lowering the apex made a big difference in the fit in front. Like with my first Spearmint, I didn’t do an FBA. It’s open in front and it seemed more time consuming and not worth the effort. I think it worked out just fine.

I made the same size as my last Spearmint which worked out well. I could totally make one size smaller (the size 8 which is the size that is closest to my measurement) if I wanted it to be closer fitting and more of a topcoat…which now I want to do! I’d get the fit like Katie did.

Click to go to Katie’s post on her blog!

I should’ve taken pictures outside because by the end of the shoot, I was starting to sweat!

So, I started with this circle skirt and huge petticoat underneath…

skirts under Spearmint

Oh! But first a picture I took just after finishing my coat. It’s the best lining! Pink!!

Blue spearmint lining


Back to the fit. I love how it fits over the huge skirt!

back blue Spearmint Blue Spearmint back close up

You remember the collar, right? You really do have to press it into submission! Did you see the video tutorial I did on how to shape the flounce? I recorded it during the Lolita Spearmint Sew-Along.

Blue Spearmint flounceBlue Spearmint 3     Blue Spearmint pocketsBlue Spearmint three quarter viewBlue Spearmint close up flounce

Not much else to say other than I love this coat!! And the blue is so perfect!

16 thoughts on “Blue Wool Spearmint

  1. Betsy says:

    That is great looking. So different-that flouncy collar is dynamite and with your great figure it so flattering –it is not everybody’s coat, but you can pull it off. You are right about that color being luscious. Wonderful with the full skirt, it is so youthful and perky with that flattering over-all length of them together. Shows off your gams! Good work.

    • Leila says:

      That word “gams” gives me a giggle. Another online friend called my legs gams and that word is just perfect.
      Thanks for the compliment, too. 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    So pretty with the skirt and petticoat! Yeah, I definitely have to make my corduroy one with the different collar now – I want to wear it will a fluffy skirt! (I think I’ll end up making it later in the summer since right now, I want to make summer dresses.)

    Were you able too patch the lining okay?

  3. Amanda says:

    I ADORE the rear view over that skirt! It’s perfect for circle skirt, petticoat goodness. Great job, even with the hours of toiling away over a hot iron.

  4. Kat says:

    I love that lining – pink and blue go so well together. Also love how it sits on top of that skirt/petticoat combo – what a lovely outfit 🙂

  5. nishi says:

    Wow! That really is a beautiful combination! I think I have to go and make a petticoat right now because you look so amazing in yours!

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