Vogue Summer 2014 Highlights

I know I don’t showcase big 4 patterns when they come out but there were a handful of the new Vogue’s that caught my eye.

This first dress is, like most of the dresses I’m drawn to, great for fancy outings. Or is it just me that sees that? Maybe I should be wearing off the shoulder dresses every day! The thing to note for fitting is that the armholes on the model look pretty low- something I know I can get away with wearing the bras I wear, so should I make this dress I’ll raise those armholes to cover my bra better.


This next one reminds me of this sweater I knit and once I blocked it, it grew to an unwearable size! This is like a sweatshirt version! I will not be making this.




I love the sleeve detail on this next jacket…but that’s it! I really don’t care for the under bewb pockets! No!! Not gonna happen on me. Ever. The big question is…will I buy this pattern just for the sleeves? I’ve done it before.


That’s all I got. Have you seen any of the new Vogue’s and fallen in love? Would you buy a pattern just for the sleeves?

6 thoughts on “Vogue Summer 2014 Highlights

  1. gmariesews says:

    Leila – I love that first dress. Do you think I could ‘maxi’ it and wear it to my daughter’s wedding? That second one though – ugh – what were they thinking? g

      • gmariesews says:

        Absolutely everyone in the wedding party is wearing full length. The bride, all the attendants, her Dad’s wife and the Mother of the Groom – won’t I look strange in photos (which will be around for a long, long time) if I’m not also in full length?

        But I thing the dress is fabulous! Thanks for pointing it out. g

  2. Red Point Tailor says:

    The first pattern – I like the simplecity. You can do anything with this pattern – but it is nothing really new. The second dress pattern I like the colour and this pattern – probably DYI. The jacket is for me more collection item – I was thinking of making such sleeves modelling the pattern I already have.

  3. Chuleenan - C Sews says:

    Heheh – your comments make me laugh. Yes, that first dress is a bit fancy – it’s the neckline – not something I’d wear to work. Also I like a longer dress – tea length. Who would wear that red sack of a dress? Wow – so unattractive. I do like the sleeves on that jacket – well, I’d buy it for the sleeves if I could get it at one of Joanns pattern sales. 😉

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