I just bought some knit yardage, cut my Ziggi and have a surprise for you later this week! Yup, I’ve got a … giveaway for you! Have I mentioned how bad I am at keeping secrets? Well, consider yourself told. I’m horrible at it. I should interject that I *can* keep secrets but not when they’re fun, full of whimsy kind of secrets.

Like the new patterns Amity is working on…omg. I’m having THE hardest time keeping that stuff in!! They’re so cute and cool and snazzy and all the things! But, you know… confidentiality.

So, while I help her behind the scenes, I’m gonna be sewing other things up to share. More knit tops! You have to love something you can make on a serger and be done with in a couple of hours. The Ziggi- yeah, that’s gonna be a while but I want to wear it this Spring so I better get a move on it. I’m still in muslin stage. Just have to stitch that bad boy up and see what fitting things I have to tackle.

I also have my first Cambie muslined and ready to cut the real thing. Oooh, and I have this desire to make a couple of the By Hand London dresses. But I’m not letting myself buy any new patterns until I finish some of my WIPs.

How do you stay on task? I know I’ve talked about making lists and keeping to them but Spring fever is getting me all creative-like and I feel the strongest urge to make ALL THE THINGS! Well, not all. But you get the idea. So, how do you stay focused on your WIPs?