Ohhh Lulu! Gia thong

Last year, I made the Ohhh Lulu High Waisted Panties to wear with the high waisted pencil skirts I was really into then and I’m so glad I paired those two that way- you don’t want a panty line when wearing a high waisted skirt. I made several pair last year and this year I thought I’d try out another one of Sarah’s patterns.

I opted for the Gia thong- oh yeah, baby! I’ve been hit by the panty bug! I just want to keep making cute panties with the bits of fabric I can’t seem to part with and fill up my lingerie drawer with gorgeous handmades.

IMG_20140403_154332790 IMG_20140403_154344508 IMG_20140403_154348526


Super cute, easy to sew, great instructions and super comfortable fit, I’m loving this pattern! This pair is made up in a red knit rayon with the stretch netting I used on my Lolita Gunmetal dress– and used foldover elastic the size of my pinky.

Short and sweet, this post is.

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