Ralph Pink Skater Dress- checking the fit

This is my second time working with a Ralph Pink Pattern. I’ve bought a bunch of them and I can’t wait to tackle more of them now! See here the muslin for the corselet (which I can’t find a picture of!) I made? I need to go back to that- cos it’s really cute!

I’ve cut the skater dress and I’ve got it almost ready to wear but I wanted to ask you all…do you ever do this:Ralph Pink Skater fit test

You know what I mean…you try on the bodice and then you put the skirt up against you and you’re already in love with your new make before it’s even made?? Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell.

I started by doing a test of the bodice and thanks to my high waist and the fact it’s a knit, it’s gonna fit fine! Next one I make, I will add to the bust because I can tell it’s a bit shorter in front than in back. Speaking of short- the skirt is short so be warned…I’m loving all the short skirts so I’m happy as a clam…if clams had sergers and wore floral knit dresses.

Ralph Pink bodice fit test front Ralph Pink bodice fit test bac


Also, HELLO FLORAL! I don’t tend to do florals but once I saw how it’s going to look, I’m loving it. I need to double check where I got the floral knit from…more on that when I actually finish this thing! A longer skirt might scare me off florals but I’m thinking the length will work perfectly. Only sad part is that I don’t have enough of this knit or a solid knit to line the bodice but I’ll live. I do want to line it cos.. pretty insides are pretty.

I think I’ve hit the coffee too hard this morning…or maybe I’m just giddy from all the knit sewing (and the Lolita behind the scenes testing-zomg yo! I’m having a hard time waiting to show this stuff off!)

Ok, back to making this dress. I will add knit bands to the neck and armholes just to finish it off nicely but I swear next time I’m going for the knit lining.

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