Ralph Pink Skater Dress X 4!!


It’s a skater parade today! Woot! Last time I blogged, I was talking about one bodice muslin and one fabric for the Ralph Pink Patterns Skater dress. Well, I went and made 4! It’s marked as an easy dress and it really is- it’s great! Gotta love a quick make that’s got a lined bodice and make entirely on a serger!


I didn’t do an FBA, just used the size 10 US and as you can see it fits great.

Here’s number 1- you might have seen me twirling in it on Instagram. It’s so fun to wear. The fabric came from Elliott Berman Textiles. It’s a nice lightweight cotton knit with enough stretch to let me skip the FBA. For this one, I gathered the circle skirt with elastic thread in the bobbin and while it totally works, I added stronger elastic on the 3rd and 4th makes and like it better. This is still a very comfortable and girly dress to wear. I’m planning on living in these over the summer.

DSCN7322DSCN7319  DSCN7323 DSCN7324

Number 2- I had this sheer stretch overlay I got from Fabric Mart and then the hot pink I got in another FM purchase. The overlay doesn’t have the same amount of stretch in it so it ended up pulling up in the front, giving it a more babydoll look than the first. It’s not a bad thing- I love this dress for different reasons than #1 and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this pretty thing. I basted the skirt layers together and treated them as one, serging the hem and stitching it up with a zig zag.

DSCN7326 DSCN7328DSCN7327  DSCN7331

Number 3- This is the first one where I added stronger elastic to the skirt at the waist, matching it to the bodice so it would fit, then gathering the skirt into the elastic and then serging the skirt to the bodice. The only skater that doesn’t have a lined bodice is the first one. This knit definitely needed a lining as I didn’t want my bra to show when wearing it.

DSCN7335 DSCN7337 DSCN7339 DSCN7341

Number 4- I had this stretch floral/animal print lace overlay and then went to The French Seam here in town and my 7yo helped me pick out the green to go under and I LOVE it! The overlay is so yummy and squishy and the knit is heavy and very nice to touch. The bodice is lined with the green and it’s another fun make.

DSCN7348 DSCN7349  DSCN7354 DSCN7355DSCN7350


The instructions are really clear. You get easy to read instructions alongside easy to understand diagrams. I highly recommend this pattern. Have fun with it! I was planning on making the Ralph Pink Cigarette pants but it’s so warm already I think I’m going to look at the other dresses I have from them.

Can you see I’m having a love affair with overlays. It’s totally Amity and Lolita Patterns fault- and I love her for it!! It’s so fun to transform a solid like this. Shhh, just don’t tell my solids that I’ll be playing with them like this.

And TWIRL, TWIRL, TWIRL into the night!



14 thoughts on “Ralph Pink Skater Dress X 4!!

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Wow! You’re all set for summer with this set of dresses. I love how each one has its own personality, yet they all came from the same pattern! Fabulous fabric choices.

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