With Me-Made-May coming to a close, I want to start making plans for Spring and Summer wear. My 4 Ralph Pink Patterns Skater dresses have seen a lot of wear this month- granted I did just make them- but they’re easy to wear and so cute and fun. I could wear one every day and never get tired! So, that goes on the list to start filling the gaps in my warm weather wardrobe.

1. Casual dresses

I also found myself wearing my Grainline Moss skirt a lot and wishing I had more of them. Part of it is that the short skirt shows off my tattoo so nicely…

2. Short skirts

Somehow, I have one pair of shorts! And that’s it?? I just downloaded Grainline’s Maritime shorts which should start me off just nicely!

3. Shorts

I have a bunch of nerdy t-shirts, which I love, but I need to pair them with something and sometimes I don’t want a super short skirt. I want a skirt I can sit cross legged in and that skirt was the Cake Pavlova. Especially the version I made out of double gauze that Gillian sent me. It’s so light and airy and perfect for this weather!!

4. Long skirts

I went to a wedding and luckily it was casual enough that one of my skater dresses sufficed but I realized that I don’t have anything fancy schmancy for those last minute, hey, you wanna tag along times. And the lovely Vicki spoiled me with copies of both By Hand London’s Flora and Elisalex so those are going on the list! And really just a BHL category.

5. By Hand London dresses

That’s about it for the gaps I noticed in my wardrobe this month. Since I started waiting tables and needing all the black clothes, I filled that need. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I need some short sleeved work tops but I don’t want to put time and effort into those since you get so grimy.

Any gaps you’ve noticed lately in your wardrobe? Oh and yes, this was a link-free post. Just cos. Chime in if you have an opinion on this. I like linking because it makes following through easier for readers but sometimes I feel like an ad. y’know?