Vogue 8900 Muslin, the first

Meet Vogue 8900. A sporty little dress.

Yeah, I’m insinuating that there will be a second muslin. I’m not sure if I like how this design fits me. I added to the front sides and lengthened for bewbs. Also filled in the cut in armholes to cover my bra but I don’t think I needed to. I’m wearing a strapless under the muslin and it seems fine. Lined everything up and found that it was too wide in the front so I pinched it out, pinned it, and also had to shorten the torso. I’m glad I did my 1″ swayback/flat butt alteration because this dress presupposes a longer torso than I have. The waist is too tight as is so I’ll have to take it out. Luckily those seam allowances are HUGE.

That said, I’m thinking I might redraw the cutouts because they look funny to me now…like they’re too small or something? or maybe it’s just my short torso? The neck is too high for my taste- I don’t think it’s flattering. But I don’t know what I think, to be honest. So, as usual, I take to social media. Weigh in.


What if I redrew the side cutouts so that they were proportionally more suited to my body- so probably make them bigger since I shortened the front and all?

Also thinking I’d rather have a lower neckline…or, what about just making it strapless? It’s not as sporty but that neck has to go down, bro! Granted, I didn’t press down the seam allowances at the neck so it’s still gonna be 5/8″ lower but I don’t think that’ll be low enough. Any votes for a strapless version?

This is why I do muslins! I haven’t messed with the nice fabric and if I don’t like how this looks then no harm, no foul. Anyway, that’s my test garment/toile/muslin public service announcement.

13 thoughts on “Vogue 8900 Muslin, the first

  1. Diane says:

    Wonder if you reshaped at the collar bones you could leave the neckline, esp. With a strapless. On the model, that’s where the bare happens. Also on the sides, I’d try to keep the sides of the ovals straight and parallel. Maybe piping for some stability?

  2. brutefashion says:

    Definitely lower the neckline (I always end up lowering that type of neckline, it’s more flattering on most people) but otherwise, I kind of like it. Not sure I would do anything with the side cut outs, once it’s finished in your fashion fabric, I think they would be fine.

  3. gilliancrafts says:

    Strapless would be cute! Maybe before you redraw the cutouts to be bigger, it would be good to trim off the seam allowance on the muslin to get a more accurate view. You can always make them bigger as you sew the final dress, but you can’t make them smaller again once you’ve cut your fabric!

  4. applesandgreenda says:

    Hmm… I think I vote to redraw the cutouts so they’re a bit bigger, particularly around the bottom of them, and widening the neckline out a little, but keeping it in the same general shape. What fashion fabric are you thinking of using? The model is wearing something pretty sturdy I think, so it’s going to look pretty different to muslin.

    I agree with cutting/folding back the seam allowances of the cutout and neckline before doing anything else though!

  5. Johanna says:

    If your bra straps allow, I would suggest adding the armhole cutouts back in as well as lowering the neckline a little. Maybe you could add bra strap carriers to make sure they stay under the dress. The strapless version could be really cool, but I actually think this design could be really flattering for a full bust so I’d love to see your version of the original. Yay, muslins!

  6. Brooke says:

    This is a hard style to get the proportions right for anyone. I think if you look at the photo of the model, the neck and shoulder area is much narrower than it is on you. Try matching the envelope more – looks like you need to go in with the upper cutouts by 2 inches or so. The scoop should go in to line up with the middle of your bewb on each side.

    The neckline and lower cutouts looks about right proportionally when compared to the envelope example, but you might need to angle the cutouts down at the sides a bit.

    Time to pull out a marker and draw all over that mockup! =)

  7. mrsmole says:

    To start with, even on the model this looks uncomfortable. Imagine having upper cutouts center edges in line with the princess seams and a high chocking neckline never mind the lower cutouts. What happens when you sit down to those lower cutouts? On busty gals the fabric will shift up and probably reveal your bra…how nice, while the neckline will strangle you…not good for restaurant dining. Even this flat model has drag lines under her bust standing up! Strapless is not the answer, it is just so freakish on the model and I cannot imagine it working on a real body without as Brooke says to get out your felt marker and start re-drawing all over it.

  8. A Sunny Day in LA says:

    You need a V neck for your bust, no cutouts because you’re short-waisted (although thin ones going up at an angle down the side might be flattering), and waist definition because you’re curvy. You’d have to basically redesign the whole dress.

  9. All Patterns Heather (@KnitNBee) says:

    Hello there, it’s your fellow low busted/shortwaisted friend weighing in. Yes you need to lower the neckline in some manner. Crew necklines create too much of an expanse of fabric for us girls who have low bust fullness. You also need to lower the cut out, though with a short torso it might be hard to get a proportion that looks pleasing.

    I’m torn because part of me wants to tell you, “don’t sewn this pattern”. Another part thinks that with more work you could come up with something that you love. Don’t want to stifle your creativity wivey, cause your awesome.

  10. Jilly says:

    It’s amazing all the work put in to this. I think I would have moved On. But your version is going to look great. I would have done same with the armholes. I like yours better.

  11. Wendy says:

    Yes, bigger cutouts and a lower neck! I don’t know about strapless, will the bodice hold up strapless? It’s not like you can attach boning to the side seams… Maybe something more along the lines of the Sewaholic Lonsdale dress, to keep it fresh?

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