Capital Chic Patterns and my Blueberry Manhattan

**This giveaway is now closed*

No, I’m not serving drinks over at Three Dresses Headquarters. I’m talking about a new pattern company out of London called Capital Chic Patterns!

I was contacted by Sally, the owner and designer at CCP to see if I’d test a couple patterns for her. I chose the Manhattan skirt and the Martini dress. I still have to fiddle with the fit on the Martini cos, yeah, hi bewbs, whatcha doing sneaking out? The Manhattan, even in beta form (and the final pattern didn’t change from beta), fit perfectly. I made no fit changes. The sizing works really well for my body. Usually I have to make the waist larger or take in the hips. The difference between the two on me is a mere 6 inches. Anywho, it’s always nice for someone used to making all the alterations, to get a break once in a while.

Here’s some more info on CCP:

Named after cocktails, each of the PDF patterns comes with two variations included. The collection comprises two skirt patterns, a blouse pattern, a sweatshirt pattern and two dress patterns. Each of the designs is inspired by the catwalk, red carpet fashion and London street style, contrasting with many existing indie pattern offerings based on vintage or retro style.

The patterns’ difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced, perfect for those looking to move on from sewing beginner styles. Techniques such as using boning, French seams and machine-rolled hems are explained in detail; following each set of fully-illustrated instructions is a great way for sewists to learn and improve their sewing repertoires.

The patterns are available now for digital download from as print-at-home and print-at-copyshop PDF files. The patterns currently come in five sizes, from UK 10 to UK 18, and they are nested for easy blending between sizes. A wider size range may be available later in the year, depending on demand.

The blue eyelet was a purchase I made after seeing Heather’s dress! The fabric is so nice. I lined it with black and put in an invisible zipper instead of the exposed one.

Manhattan and modded Olive front Manhattan and Olive back Manhattan and Olive closeup Manhattan and Olive full view front Manhattan and Olive side close


Ok, now, an exciting part. Sally is offering my readers a PDF of your choosing! Yay! I’ll encourage you to like her on Facebook and Twitter but really, what I want you to do to enter this giveaway is to go to her site and tell me which is your favorite pattern of this brand spakin’ new company. If you don’t want to be entered into the giveaway but you still want to chime in about your favorite pattern, just be clear about that.

I’m closing the giveaway on July 7th at 9pm Eastern. Get your favorite pattern in the comments and I’ll let the lucky winner know on the 8th and you’ll hear from Sally. K?

Go have fun! And thanks again Sally for including me in the testing.

24 thoughts on “Capital Chic Patterns and my Blueberry Manhattan

  1. Jenni says:

    Am loving your skirt, oh to have such great pins 🙂 I like the champagne skirt for my legs 😉

  2. aem2 says:

    The skirt is fabulous! I love Sally’s whole collection; they are so chic. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. As much as I adore the Martini dress, I do not need another dress right now, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll win my other favourite, the Bellini.

  3. Jessica Reynolds says:

    I like the Martini dress! But I also like the skirt/blouse for the Champagne! And I think I would have more use for the Champagne, so that’s my pick. I love your skirt!

  4. Tabatha Tweedie says:

    Lovely skirt, love the eyelet fabric and the colour. And your new tattoo is awesome! I really like the Capital Chic patterns and Sally has done well to target a different corner of the market: the modern, intermediate sewist! I like the Martini dress best of all, and would love to win it! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  5. charityshopchic says:

    Leila, you look hot in this skirt!!! So pleased you chose the jagged hem version. Thanks so much for all your help during the testing process and for your honest feedback, I really appreciate it. Also… I really want to invent a cocktail called a Blueberry Manhattan now! xx

  6. gmariesews says:

    What an amazing skirt. Love the eyelet and the color is so bright – perfect! I really like Martini – might work for the wedding or rehearsal dinner, no? The other really good one – Belini. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sox says:

    Your skirt is intruiging and looks good on you.
    I really like the simplicity of the Bellini blouse -and it takes so little fabric.

  8. Trice says:

    Super cute skirt. I like your pick in fabric too. I can’t wait see your Martini and curious how you solve the boob issue. That’s my favorite pattern btw.

  9. knitmo says:

    I like the Cosmopolitan. I think that could be a lot of fun, especially as a peplum top. I would probably use a slightly narrower lace though

  10. amanda stinton says:

    Without a doubt Im loving the Martini dress the best (although the whole collection is stunning). I think the Martini dress has such a flattering silhouette and is so on trend – would be be perfect for the red carpet!!

  11. Annika says:

    Uh, I would love to win the white russian. the martini is much more stunning, but with two little kids i wouldn’t have many possibilites to actually wear it… so the white russian with the great lion it is…

  12. Tae says:

    Lovely skirt! That’s a unique piece that is going to be the envy of many a lady on the street/on the world wide webs… Personally as far as the collection goes, I’m totally blown away by the Martini. (although the White Russian is super cute too)

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