on staying focused

I’m constantly distracted by new patterns and new fabric but it’s important to me to stay focused on my sewing to-do lists. In part because several things on my sewing to-do list are for other people, and they are part of my income, so there’s a drive to do good work and fulfill orders in a timely manner.

I want to continue doing freelance sewing work so staying focused is key. 

Here’s a swimsuit I’m making for Betsy who has been commenting on my blog for some time now (tho that’s not her whole story- this woman is beyond amazing). Anywho, I just have elastic to put in the legs and I can ship it off to her to try on! It’s a muslin which is why I used a bunch of different swim fabrics but that’s the point of this part of the process. 

Can’t wait to send it off so we can go to the next stage. 

Another freelance gig I’ve got going is for a woman who has recently lost a lot of weight. As I started pinning her skirts and pants and taking one thing in here and another in there, I realized how little my time with her was about alterations. We talked body image, weight loss and, of course, well fitting bras. She just stopped by today to pick some of her stuff up and ask about altering a pair of pants and showed me her new bra. It fit so great and she’s all excited to wear her t-shirts tucked in now. 

Some hems and zippers are just about hems and zippers. Others come with deep personal life changes. I like being a part of this world. 

I’m just gonna need more fabric! 



8 thoughts on “on staying focused

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    I”m going through the bra change right now too… I already started wearing a significant larger cup size a few years ago, but somehow it’s jumped again… right into the expensive side of things! I’m finding it surprisingly disconcerting to think of myself as large-busted. I’m not at all pleased to suddenly be an F or G! 😦
    That’s my whine and moan… What I should be saying is: Kuddos on a bathing suit that is look great!

    • Leila says:

      Yeah, I thought for a long time that I was a 34DD/DDD which is really an F more or less but with the smaller back thing they actually finally fit. You can whine and moan here anytime. 🙂

    • Leila says:

      Oh I know! I have been drooling over the Ralph Pink Patterns that keep coming out. He’s gonna ruin my focus! hahaa but I love it, too!

  2. Emma Jayne says:

    I’ve just taken up the hem of my friend’s ball dress (just two layers thankfully). I promised her I’d do it after I’d finished the selfish make that was in progress when I pinned it on her. She was all “no rush, the ball isn’t till September” but knowing how excited I get for the next make towards the end of a current one, I had to give her my word so that I’d stick to it.

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