Two Truths and a Lie

Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow (now on WordPress!) started this. She posted her two truths and a lie and then posted people’s guesses so I thought I’d join in and do the same. So, if you wanna play, in the comments, tell me which of the following three you think is a lie about me. I’ll post your guesses later and reveal the truth about my lie- or something like that.

Two Truths and a Lie

1. I owned a girl boxer in college. Named her Sarita.

2. My middle name is Mayme.

3. I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine.

Ok, vote away in the comments. Which is the lie? Have fun and happy Friday! I’m taking my daughter to get her ears pierced this afternoon. 

12 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie

  1. kristonlion says:

    I’d say the lie is the dog. Maybe a different breed or a different name?? (thanks for letting me know Gillian is on WordPress now. don’t know how I missed it but I have noticed my blogs have been more sparse lately. It seems like quite a few people have moved or are taking breaks…)

  2. gingermakes says:

    Hmm, by “girl boxer” you must mean “lady fighter” and I can totally see you in a boxing ring dowsing your champ with buckets of water, so that’s probably true… Perhaps #3?

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