The truth, Revealed

A couple of days ago, I jumped on Gillian’s Two Truths and a Lie and posted my own.

Here are my truths.

1. I said I owned a girl boxer in college and named her Sarita. Well, that was the lie. Here is a picture of that boxer. I never got her. Didn’t think it would be right with the theater schedule I had.


2. My middle name actually is Mayme. Leila came from one of my maternal great grandmothers and Mayme came from the other. Btw, I love my name.


3. Yes, I do have a subscription to Real Simple magazine. It’s a gift from my ex-husband’s mother but I still have it so it is the truth.


Thanks for playing. Hope everyone had a great weekend! I actually have been spending it NOT working which is a change from recent history. It was so nice. Back to the grind. And let’s hope we all get some sewing time in!

5 thoughts on “The truth, Revealed

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    You fooled us! That dog is freakin’ cute, but it was probably the right decision… and I occasionally really enjoy looking at magazines like Real Simple and daydreaming that life is really that organised, clean and attractive! 😉

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