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I saw Katie’s blocky t-shirt save using the Kitschy Coo Comino Cap Top pattern and I had to try it. This is Katie’s super cute refashioned t-shirt (click on the image to go to Katie’s IG feed and follow her- she’s awesome!):

I was recently gifted a Sister Morphine t-shirt and thought it the perfect tee to mod, since I actually want to wear this t-shirt. If you’ve never heard of Sister Morphine, they were a band out of Minneapolis from 90s with some raw power. Here’s a song of theirs:

So, it’s not going to surprise you when you see my photos with my refashioned band t-shirt. Let’s just pretend I’m a rocker. K, thanks.

sister morphine comino frontsister morphine comino cap detail

sister morphine comino back   sister morphine comino pompadour

I left off the neck and sleeve bands and did a rolled hem for a more raw look to match my faux rocker presence. I added a stabilizing straight stitch to the neck for good measure.

Now, on to the leather pants I’m wearing! A friend at work gave them to me and they fit perfectly. She said that they were altered to fit her years ago and look at this! They fit me. I owe her a custom dress now! Seriously, these leather pants ooze money. They’re really nice. Adding that to the never ending sewing list!

One more thing before I go. More proof that I’m a professional dork. Air guitar! I will now sign autographs in my favorite lipstick. I’m out!