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Sewing projects get bumped to the front of the sewing to-do list for a variety of reasons. I’m still working on a swimsuit for Betsy but the alterations, which always require a non-tired Leila, made for an embarrassing delay. I still needed to sew something and I wanted to sew something for men.

At work, I get several requests to do alterations and other makes. One of my friends asked me to make him an Evil Knievel jumpsuit. You know, this one:

Let’s start with something else, first, I suggest. How about a cowboy shirt? Hey, that I can do. But first, I need to make a wearable muslin. Enter the Colette Negroni. A straight forward button down shirt with great instructions and a nice cut.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been posting my initial pattern work for the cowboy shirt. I’m getting close but I still want to practice the yoke I’m making from this inspiration photo:

I’m going to have to change the Negroni collar, as well, to get that 70s point. Until then, I present you with my first men’s shirt. I got the fabric from Fabric Mart a couple of months ago. I think it’s this oxford shirting they still have in stock but I also got a similar muted denim blue twill shirting (which they don’t have right now) and I can’t quite tell the difference but they really do have similar hands.

Negroni back collar downNegroni frontNegroni back view

I wonder if I should make alterations to the back. The front fits so nicely but then the back is so baggy. I made the size medium because measurements were in between the S and the M. This is a part of menswear I don’t know well- fit. Perhaps taking out some of the width would be a good idea? I don’t know.

Negroni close up collarNegroni close up collar upNegroni right front close up

He liked the shirt with the collar up, which I think looks pretty cool. The buttons are from JoAnn’s. I want to find some pearl snap buttons for the cowboy Negroni. I might see if my boss at the dress shop knows a good place to get them. Look at all these colors! (Click on the image to see a seller I found.)

Negroni hanging Negroni close up buttonbandNegroni close up cuff Negroni close up top button

A real joy to sew, the Negroni is a great pattern. If you are afraid of making this shirt up, I highly recommend using a nice shirting- but nothing too light weight. It’ll be easier to sew, for one.

I’m off to make the 2nd swimsuit muslin and then play with the cowboy Negroni pattern pieces. I’m taking pictures and I’ll make sure to show you what I learn about getting a really nice curved yoke. Hopefully, I can pull it off.

And that’s me, now with one men’s shirt under my belt. Woot! Thanks to Eric for putting up with the measuring and the photos! You’re a peach!