Decades of Style: 1940s Empire Waist Trousers AND Blue Ginger Doll’s Bonnie

The other day, I was minding my own business…stalking my sewing peeps when I saw Heather’s Bonnie. Not only that, she mentioned how cute the Bonnie would look with the Decades of Style empire waist trousers.

Sometimes I like being in charge. Sometimes I like telling people what to do. But lots of times I just like doing what I’m told. And everyone knows I listen to Heather. If she says go make the Bonnie with the empire waist trousers, I do it. I made the same cropped version Heather made but I added cuffs to the sleeves.

Rather than taking pictures, I opted for a video. (I do call the Bonnie the Betsy by mistake- so edit that when you get to it.)

What do you think of a video for a trouser reveal? Does it show them more accurately than still photos?

Short and sweet. I’m out!

13 thoughts on “Decades of Style: 1940s Empire Waist Trousers AND Blue Ginger Doll’s Bonnie

  1. Brooke says:

    Cute outfit on you! I think photos are better for seeing details unless you can take a really good HD video (but then your striped top would be dancing even more).

    You said something in the video about putting the specifics below. Umm, I don’t see those. =)

  2. Vicki Kate says:

    Love the video, and you sound just like I thought you would!! The trousers are very very cute although I’m with you about having a high waist and not necessarily needing to emphasise that fact, although the Bonnie works so well with the trousers that they could have been made for each other! Nice to see you back too (coming from someone who hasn’t blogged in aaaaaaages!!)

  3. Emmie says:

    Hey Leila! I think the trousers hang lovely, they look exactly like the trousers I used to love to rock about 13 years ago! I loved massive trouser legs! It may be the video, but I wouldn’t alter them. I don’t think they even need taking out of the back at all, unless you’re trying to take them into a different look. And I’m starting to want the Bonnie too!

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