New Years Manhattan

I finally got pictures of my second Capital Chic Manhattan. I had the hardest time pairing it with a top in my closet- mental note: make a top to go with this skirt! But then, my daughter, who took the photos, pulled out my Lolita Patterns Olive and while I don’t think the pictures do it justice, the colors look great in person.

IMG_20141128_170937715 IMG_20141128_170949031

I love this skirt! Long in front, short in back. The jagged edge in front is my fave! I still haven’t done the exposed zipper- I keep wanting to finish the skirt before buying that kind of zipper and I buy invisible zips in bulk so I always have them on hand. IMG_20141128_171003765 IMG_20141128_171009152

I used a shiny sparkly gorgeous fabric from the shop I work at. I had to use both sides to show off the difference. I love it! Since this skirt uses so little fabric, you can definitely go stash diving and use up some fun remnants, which is definitely my plan. IMG_20141128_171105721

I also paired the skirt with the Laughing Moon corset I made nearly two years ago. (Can’t believe it’s been that long, by the way!) The bra showing is a new acquisition. It’s the Freya Deco Hatty. I’m in love with Freya. I have several of their bras and they fit so nicely. I don’t know that I’d ever wear the skirt with just a bra and corset but the look is worth exploring, if anything within the comfort of my home…and the internet apparently. Ha!

IMG_20141128_170427985 IMG_20141128_170404053

Check out my first Manhattan as well as the post about my Olive.

Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “New Years Manhattan

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Ooh, I love this skirt so much! Your daughter has inherited your eye for fabulous combinations! Love the look with the corset too; Freya bras are the best things ever in the history of bra things. That shock of pink against the blue is a gorgeous combination!

  2. Brooke says:

    Fun looks! (You have a little photographer and stylist in the making there!) I really like the fabric you used for the skirt and good choice of using both sides. =)

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