Keeping the Drama in my Wardrobe

This Autumn/Winter I’ve been wanting all the drama in my wardrobe. I’m actually focusing any drama into my clothes so that I don’t have to live it. Of course, there’s daily drama and definitely drama in any workplace but you get what I’m saying.

I have two unblogged mega scarves I want to show you one of these days. I swear I’ll be doing that soon. In the meantime, I am craving more dramatic coats. My Lolita Spearmint coats (the more Autumny animal print on and my short blue wool one) are the kind of drama I want. Something big collared or just gigantic in general. Read into it if you like. I just want to be warm this winter.

First I thought I wanted ALL THE CAPES but then as I searched for cape patterns I remembered the two that are in my closet that hardly get used. Mental note: Use capes. Granted they were simple capes, so mayhaps more flair added would make me happy.

I searched and searched and didn’t quite find what I wanted. Yes, I know. I should just sit down and draw out what I want and make it. All in good time.

After the capescapade, I thought I really just want an oversized coat I don’t have to fit (fitting takes time, of which I have very little) so why not something like a cocoon coat!

From Daks A/W 2012

Does it look too much like a snuggie?

uh oh.

Scary thing is that I still want to make a cocoon coat! So, I started looking at patterns and remembered…

The cloud cape by Decades of Style. Gorgeous and I will make this one day. But not today.

Not a huge coat but an awesome dramatic collar by burdastyle

Not fitted so I could get away with a quick muslin and possibly no fitting…but, not now.

Lekala has this belted cape that you can just draft at home. I like the half circle sleeves but not the kind of drama I was dreaming up.

I did like this gigantic swallow-me-whole cocoon coat found on Etsy by MixMind Design.

Or maybe it was the memory of Oona’s version of the Ralph Pink Patterns cocoon coat

Yes, I want her dress and her hair but I think I just start my single white female with making up this coat.

So, here I am, typing and printing the Ralph Pink Patterns Cocoon Coat and wondering what I have in my stash since I’m forcing myself into early retirement with a fabric diet. I know! I said the D word. What will become of me?? I hope I’ll get inspired like LadyKatza said she did on Twitter- I think it was you.

Anywhooo! Off to tape together 65 pages! *faints*

6 thoughts on “Keeping the Drama in my Wardrobe

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Yes to drama! Not for me, of course – I feel awkward in anything remotely dramatic – but I do think of it as your signature style! Hope you have fun making the cape!

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